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Trey @ AMBER Ready's Back 2 School Weekend!

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Trey Songz's picture
on August 17, 2009 - 10:44am

On Sunday, Aug. 16th Trey Songz performed a free music concert at the 'AMBER Ready Back-to-School Safety Weekend at ABC Studios' in Times Square, NY.  Check out some behind the scenes photos of Trey with his Mom and little brother Forrest in the "PHOTOS" section, right here @

For more information on Amber Ready log onto

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Ms_Ebony21's picture

OMG loving this pic...lookin fly
Emotions0424's picture

Trey you know what??? Cant Nobody and i do mean NOBODY say yo SWAG not Tight! You Look Great...
stlouismademe's picture

Those shades are dumb fly . . . Yessir!

this picture is hot
TreySongzIsSexii's picture

omg what kind of a paragraph is dat @mizzbabic damnnn
Tweety La's picture

Hey Trey today is my brithday just wanted you to send me a message on twitter telling me happy brithday thanks
mizzbabic's picture

Trey, what can I say. I am speechless at the fact of what a fine man you are. I think that it is just amazing what you do; how you sing your heart out and have all these beloved fans who are willing to go far and beyond for you; to see you, hear your voice, to touch you? Forget it! lol :) And yes I am one of those people. I remember last winter I drove to see you perform at Sneaky Pete's in Albany. I waited in the front row to be saddened at the fact that the weather was so bad, that you couldn't come out. So I drove back to Coram, Long Island to find out you were coming back the next weekend. Yes I drove back to see you and LOVED every second of it. I didn't regret a thing. Yeah it was dangerous but you only live once right? And I would do it everyday of the year just to see your face and hear your voice; just to see you stand there. I am doing everything within my power to make sure that I see you at Bianco's. I may not be attending. Unfortunately, your performance this weekend is a 21 and over affair. I don't turn 21 until this time NEXT YEAR. Maybe next year I guess huh? Well until the night you perform, I will keep trying and going through ALL my connections to try and get me in. No promises. Really wishing and hoping to see you. I want to thank you for all you have done. Whether it be for me when I wake up, etc, for your fans and/or the music industry... You deserve a thank you. You definitely brought music to a whole new level. Keep doing what you are doing. You are in my prayers. May God Continue To Bless You Trey Songz. Thank You So Much Love and Respect for you and what you do, Christina P.S. ~ *My kids are your first #1 fans of their generation! Yes I said it, my kids! They love you, too!*
C Songz's picture

Trey you are truly blessed and highly favored.
Tamai's picture

OMG so cute!
sayradiaz's picture

You're such a cute ass guy i swear those lips and eyes yum yummmm yumm lol!! i love all that u do and your music and specially "last Time" i think that would be the best song of all times!!! and all of youre songs cant wait till you come back to dallas actuially on tour than i can finally kidnapp u and rape u lol just playin!! follow me on twitter @ sayradiaz LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!
Goodgurl25's picture

Trey you look so cute, I can't wait until you come back to Dallas, I missed you last time because I was working
chaimae's picture

yuuuuup hes so nice
Uzochukwu's picture

Your so...cute yuup
vivianbryan62's picture

nice pix
Cole-Lisha Songz's picture

ugh he looks so sexyy!!


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