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  • Jan 26, 2012

    We’re looking for Angel Ambassadors from each city below on the Anticipation 2OUR to rep for Trey’s Angels. The task is to recruit as many Trey Songz fans as possible and convert them into official members of Trey’s Angels.

    To help you out, each Ambassador will receive a special code that only their recruits can use awarding anyone that joins on their behalf a $5 discount off a premium or online membership.

    The Ambassador with the most recruits from each city below will win a pair of tickets to the Anticipation 2our!

    **UPDATE:  All winners will be emailed directly with information on how they can pick up their pair of tickets!!**

    Think you have what it takes to recruit Angels in your city? If so, here’s how to register:
    - Send an email to with ANGEL AMBASSADOR and your city (i.e. ANGEL AMBASSADOR DETROIT) in the subject.
    - In the body, your full name, fan club email address and twitter handle
    - Deadline to register is 6PM EST Friday January 27th.

    **Note: We cannot exceed 5 Angel Ambassadors from each city below, so, act fast! Only the first 5 to register from each city will receive a code.

    The Angel with the most people to join Trey's Angels by 6PM EST Monday Febraury 6th from each city below wins. Check back by 12pm est Wednesday February 8th to find out who our winners are.

    2/9 - Cleveland, OH -State Theatre
    2/10 - Louisville, KY -Palace theatre
    2/11 - Chicago, IL - Auditorium Theatre
    2/12 - St Louis, MO - Fox Theatre
    2/14 - Dallas/ GP - Verizon Theatre
    2/18 - Las Vegas, NV - The Pearl, Palms Theatre
    2/19 - Oakland, CA - Paramount Theatre
    2/23 -Cincinnati, OH - Aranoff P&G
    2/24 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre
    2/25 -Milwaukee, WI -Milwaukee Theatre
    3/2 - Atlantic City, NJ - M. Etess
    3/3 -Washington,D.C. -Constitution Hall
    3/8 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theater
    3/10 - Southaven, MS - De Soto Civic
    3/11 - Nashville, TN - Municipal Auditoroium

    Official Rules HERE

    Good Luck, Angels!

  • Jan 25, 2012

    In honor of Valentine's Day, we're discounting select "Love Faces" merch up to 75% in Trey's official web store! Starting today, you can get select items on sale, including the "Love Faces" T-Shirt + "Love Faces" Charm Set Bundle for $26.00 (originally $25 and $15) OR the "Love Faces" Tank and Booty Shorts + "Love Faces" Charm Set Bundle for only $33.00 (orginally $35 and $15)! Head over to to check out other select items on sale for Valentine's Day including the Keep Me Warm Snuggie, Keep Me Warm Coffee Mugs, Property of Trey 2011 Custom Hoodie and more!

    Plus, starting today through February 8th you'll receive a FREE set of printable Trey Songz Valentine's Day Cards with any purchase! Cards will be emailed on February 9th. Click HERE to start shopping now!

  • Jan 24, 2012

    Beginning, today Wednesday January 25th, presale tickets for Trey's "Anticipation 2our" in the select markets listed below will become available exclusively for members of Trey's Angels!

    If you're an Angels member, click HERE for more info, and if you are not a member – click HERE to join now for your chance to purchase tickets before the general public for the dates listed below!

    This is your last presale opportunity - act fast!

    2/28 - Toronto, ON - Sony Theatre | PRESALE
    3/2 - Atlantic City, NJ - M. Etess | PRESALE
    3/10 - Southaven, MS - De Soto Civic | PRESALE
    3/11 - Nashville, TN - Municipal Auditoroium | PRESALE


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