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  • Jun 29, 2012

    FINAL CHALLENGE!!! Tweet #TreyBETAwards and each tweet containing Trey's hashtag will count towards points! The FANdemonium winner will be announced on Sunday, July 1 during the BET AWARDS. The pre-show starts at 6P ET while the main show will start at 8P ET. Tune in to watch and to see if Trey wins!

  • Jun 29, 2012

    Angels!  At 5pm EST on July 5th via you'll be able to check out the premiere of Trey's new track "Dive In" - off of the new album CHAPTER V!

    Before the premiere at 4pm EST, follow @TreySongz and @TreysAngels for an exclusive #DiveIn Twitter Q&A chat starting at 4pm EST!

    Here's where the fun comes in... starting right NOW, submit your questions to Trey in the comment section below.  Never know ...Trey just might answer yours during the Twitter Q&A chat. 

    And as an Angels member, you'll be able to get an exclusive first listen of "Dive In" only right here in Trey's Angels at 4:30pm EST on July 5th!

  • Jun 28, 2012

    The BET Awards have picked one key milestone of Trey's career and planted it in their BET AWARDS Facebook Timeline. "Like" this milestone to vote for Trey:

    Keep it locked onto for the final FANdemonium challenge tomorrow!


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