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Trey Attends the 4th Annual HealthCorps Gala

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on April 23, 2010 - 10:24am

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Trey Songz and Kerry Rhodes attended the 4th Annual HealthCorps Gala where Kerry was awarded recognition for his work with young men. Dr. Oz was the host. View more pics via

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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

look really good... love the whole ensemble
hot diva's picture

babe u lookin real nice i love im ur 4ever babe love u u so fine
mrssongz1_2's picture

Love this look on you...
CELLE-CELL's picture

U look real nice here baby!!
Mz.songz yuuup's picture

i see u baby lookin grown & it
JLO Int'l's picture

Trey, you sharp as ass doah! All d time so??!!! Keep it up!! and keep dem looking ur way!!
monique_42's picture

Luv the look sweet face...only u!!
candi09100's picture

lookin dapper
s_bohenek's picture

Lookin good as usual!!! Love you to pieces!!!! See you in 50 days!!!

u look so gud in blck..and white..and grey..u look gud in anything...and your smile ..can light up the world..but..yea...I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
megan beth's picture

Trey lookin good as always!!
Marissa_8's picture

You look so sexy Mr. Songz!!
Raminta's picture

What a big and beautiful smile :)
mii_sunflower's picture

Trey baby u look good enough to eat Mr.Songz in that Black and White (Yes Hunnie), i love u and all of ur music.....keep making them hits cause all u can do is go ^up from here *KISSIES* p.s. anit wait to c u again in baltimore
Ready's picture

The fellas are looking good i love Trey and listen to him everyday and then i watch Dr.Oz every morning and watch Kerry (Jets Jets Jets) during fb season im the only person missing.....dame next time. Blessing Trey & Team Trey


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