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Trey Hits D.C. For Rocawear Next Campaign

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on October 22, 2010 - 12:01pm

Trey Songz stopped by the nation's capital, Washington, DC to promote the NEXT campaign. Peep the video above via

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I love watching him in interview because besides bein in love with his music, I am in love with him as well!! I feel as if im gettin to kno him just a lil bit more with each interveiw.. & i like listenin to him talk cuz his voice is just so sexy... BTW i love da way he walks, dance, & everything... His swagg,, OMG it turns me on!! ;)'s picture

Trey its always a pleasure to see your interviews. Though they are short & sweet on here. Its always good to see you in great spirits to see whart youre working on and im proud that rocawear has chosen you to be a spokesperson for their line. #1) because they are one of the hottest brands in the market #2) Because you represent the brand in every way, stylish, fashion forward, & going to the next level. Keep up the good work! xoxoxo
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Trey you are a very talented and intellegent man. You are inspiration to a lot of people. I can't say that I'm your number 1 fan bYc a lot of women would disagree; however, I can say that I am one of your number 1 fans. All of your music are great but the last cd, smh, that cd touch me the most. I really felt this cd b/c I went through it. Everday I wake up listening to this cd. I will be seeing you in concert in November after Thanksgiving. I have gone through a lot in the past few months dealing with deaths and illnesses. I need a break. I watched your reality show and I enjoyed it. You are a positive man and I like that about you. Stay true to your fans but more importantly, stay true to yourself. Much love......
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Trey you are so beautiful on the inside and out......I love you babe!!!!!
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So Damn Luscious!.... It is crazy how I am blushing and Grinning from Cheek to cheek every Time I see Trey. I never get sick of seeing you!.... It is a true delight to see you whether it is in a interview on TV or your Southern Sexy Voice on the Radio Or watching Ustream, Or the DVD!.. You are so Talented, Smart, Funny, Friendly, Fine, Eloquent, Mature. The list goes on... It amazes how I can have such strong love that grows for a stranger I don't know and yet it intensifies even more every time you do something to intrigue me. You are amazing ans so humble and you never forget about your extended family ( Trey's Angels) now that is real love. I want to thank you as being part of the Angels Family. Even though you have been MIA for a minute I know you are loving your time off whether you are on a real Vacation or chilling with your Family which is what you said you wanted to do on your time off. I hope and Pray you enjoy every moment of it because you deserve it Trey Songz (Ecclesiastes 3:13) I love you Yours truly Jasmine From NYC... Muah!
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Nigga, I will be back home in Dec and I can't wait to see you performing once again.....I love you.
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i miss you
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Baby u alwasy look so damn good....I fall deep and deeper in love wit u everytime I see U...
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I was at Birthday Bash but didn't get a chance to see you perform :( Can't wait to see you in Dec.!!! :) Love you Trigga!! Xoxoxo
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SOOOOOO DAMN SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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