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Trey at the MTV Movie Awards [PICS]

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on June 6, 2011 - 3:14pm

Check out pictures of Trey Songz via walking the red carpet before his stellar performace with Lupe Fiasco at the MTV Movie Awards!

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Ilovetrey_7's picture

OMG!!...trey is alwayz swagin :) hawt pik trey >3
Mz.Songz_14's picture

I so like this picture..
treyfefe's picture

Jerissa Neverson's picture

mz.trigga_2's picture

I like alots lol!!!!

GORGEOUS!!! but the scarf .. it was cute but not with that Trey. but you still look fresh! ILOVE YOU TO DEATH!
BreeBabii01's picture

oh mii gosh....... GORGEOUS !!!! you did a good job at the MTV Movie Awards Muah
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

beautiful :)
babidollface1's picture

WOW..just read that horrible me ive had my share but ive decided to put it behind me!!! As far as Trey picture....of course he is gorgeous and i didnt understand the purpose of the scarf either. I would have Loved to see his Graphic t-shirt without the distraction of the scarf and Leather Blazer! I LOVE you Tremaine with or without the ;) muah!!!!!!
babidollface1's picture

maybe the scarf would have worked without the's one or thee other. Blazer,no scarf Scarf,No Blazer If Talia ever available :D realtalk BABE!!
habiba totz's picture

woow that is fine hooooooooot poses
Brandy Jackson's picture

kara05angel's picture

Yea @AriesChild it was super unorganized when i saw you and talked to you in your seats it was supposed to get better from there but it just got worse. I agree they were looking for a certain look but those are two URBAN performers and they didnt have any of the URBAN fanbase down there..smh ... I'm glad you guys had fun and had great seats i had to watch the show on the internet when I got home because i couldnt even see any of it... but it wasnt Treys or Treys Angels fault I know if Trey would have known about it he would have made sure we were looked out for.. but he probably had no clue to the whole contest anyways...
Monique Segar's picture

i luv this pic of trey...he looks always!
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

danggg sorry you Angels didnt get the treatment you deserved that sucked! i dont really mess with mtv unless someone i like is on there smh .....buuuuut my Trey is lookin crazzy sexy in this pic yummmy!
CFlame's picture

@kara05angel Awwww, that was some bullshit!!! Thas why I say F$^* MTV!! Unless Trey or someone else that I like is on there, I don't even watch 'em! That shit was real whack girl.. At least ya'll was in the buildin' :-/
CFlame's picture

*girlish screams* SEXY
treys_angel_yuup's picture

Damnnn @kara05angel Thats terrible!
AriesChild's picture

I also won entry to the awards for being a part of Trey's Fanclub. When my friends and I got there, the "special section" for the fanclub people was already full. (For once, being late paid off especially after realizing what some of the other fans and Angels there had to deal with.) We were a little sad about it but we still gained entry to the awards so we were happy. We ended up with some really great seats that we got to stay in throughout the whole show. Since I'm used to going to a show that has multiple performances I thought this one was a little weird since it only had two! But it ended up being pretty interesting and I got to see some of my favorite actors and reality show stars. I am convinced that most of them are high a lot of the time lmao. And of course, getting to see Trey and Lupe perform live together was the highlight. I actually had a lot of fun there. I have attended a lot of events through casting companies but Gotham Casting, who casted the MTV Awards this year, is by far the worst. They were EXTREMELY unorganized. They wanted people of a "certain look" for the pit, which is usually the case when dealing with certain shows. But I feel as though there was no real point of doing a separate casting for Trey and Lupe fans if they weren't going to let the real fans stay there for the experience they came for. I seriously hope that Trey doesn't do any other kind of special casting associated with that craptacular company.
trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

Damn @kara05angel that is some mess , I hate when something is important to me and not others and then you get treated like crap, I hope this gets back to Trey and you and the others get a special treat! Now for this pic it don't make know damn sense to be this fine, my only complaint is .... who keep putting these damn scarves around his neck it's too hot for that!
BillyASmith_2's picture

I am loving this photo of Trey Songz. He looks awesome.
SagiTopaz's picture

Wow tlk about being the winner......sorry that you experienced such a non fulfilling event its amazing how they want you to do your part as to getting there....but when you arrive nobody knows what the hell is going on after! But I think you should look more into your event because as an angel you would have never been treated like that!! Good Luck! Trey Songz you look very hansome on the red carpet nice pic!
Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

That's awful, you were told that you'd get good seats and you ended up not.. I'm sure if Trey knew about this, he'd feel awful for you, his angel.. That's disappointing for me to hear that, so I dread to think what it was like for you. I'm sorry to hear that anyway :-( Trey looks so beautiful!!
Chrissy_On_Ice's picture

oh btw I love this pic.. hes sooooo freakin sexy *sighs* :)
Chrissy_On_Ice's picture

Aww that sucks big time so disappointing to hear. Im sure if Trey and his staff knew about this he/they would be very, very disappointed....Im really sorry that you and the other Treyfam and Lupe fans got the "shitty end of the stick" and were treated in that manner. That wasnt a good look at all. I know Trey and his staff dont do bizness that way and wouldnt stand for his Angels to be treated that way. Chrissy aka @Chrissy_On_Ice aka @TEXT_6_to_79922 aka #FantasyAngel
kara05angel's picture

I was at the show (because a fellow angel won the casting "contest") but I was disappointed in the way we were treated by the casting & MTV staff. I am not blaming Trey Songz or Treys Angels because I know it was out of their hands.. But when we arrived for check in the FANCLUB winners names were highlighted and they separated us from the "general crowd" and told us we were going to be close to stage for the performance.Then our line kept getting pushed back and kinda integrated with the "general crowd". The staff said they would take care of the fanclub and then when it was time to load into the venue they "forgot about us" and said the fan area had been filled ???? wth? Why even TELL us we would get "special seating" if it wasnt going to happen?? We would have been fine just BEING in the building with average seats. But they had us believing we would be able to see the actual performance up close because we were in the "Fanclub" and we won right? So the staff sat us (8 Angels and some Lupe fans) in the BACK ROW of the venue and told us to wait. Everyone we asked acted like they didnt know what we were talking about. Eventually we had to move from those seats because ticket holders had the seats.We ended up in some wack seats where we couldnt even see the stage or even the video screens. All the production staff was standing in front of us blocking our view.When we finally talked to a supervisor she gave us attitude and turned around and said we were NOT A PRIORITY! And said they could ask us to leave if we didnt stop "whining" REALLY?? They told us we were lucky to even be in the building. The staff was really rude and obnoxious it made for a very bad experience. Even when Trey and Lupe performed we couldnt even barely see the stage. We just got a glimpse of Trey when he ran past to the backstage. SMH That was my MTV MOVIE AWARD EXPERIENCE in a nutshell.


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