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Trey Performs "Can't Help But Wait"

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on September 24, 2009 - 2:50pm

Trey Songz recently stopped by The Daily Buzz and performed his first Grammy nominated single "Can't Help But Wait"!

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MrsEducated's picture

This man can S-A-N-G!!! He needs to be on the Grammy Awards singing....Trey Songz has an amazing voice. I'm still beating myself up for just discovering this. This album READY, BETTER get nominated and it BETTER win! There is no other R&B album worth listening too!
FazyK's picture

Hey Trey, just wanted to ask you, when did you know for sure singing was going to be your future career goal?
LadyKGyuup's picture

oh man trey i remember these honky ass ppl lol pulled an all nighter jus to see u perform den the dam live stream was effin up so i found it on my tv and went live on ustream for everyone to see =] i had like 300 viewers at 530 600 oclock lol ahh the memories (via @ladykgyuup) *whispers* bong bong billy =]
layla_D2BD's picture

omg trey i see ur voice went out as u tried 2 hit that high tho hay it happens
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

trey i luv that song ....can't help but wait for u lol:) luv u babez
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

I love that song, Ur voice is so amazing Trey!!!!!!!!!
tigersgurl12's picture

Jamie Trey Neverson's picture

U are official. U have a wonderful voice. BONG! I can't wait till Saturday.
CPRETTY's picture

so down to earth lol , love him . another great performance ! "abong bong billayyyy!" :)
lilymichelle's picture

you got me singin in the kitchen & what not. I remember I saw this video & was like "yep, he's my new favorite"
Princess_kk19's picture

Trey boo ur such a GENTLEMAN and of course u know (I LOVE U) BONG!! BONG!! YUUUUUUUP!!!



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