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Trey Songz at DTLR

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on September 9, 2009 - 12:11pm

Trey visits Prince George's Mall DTLR in Maryland to sign CD's and take pictures with fans.

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markittamichelle's picture

hey Trey, this is Markitta from Milwaukee, Wi just wanting to wish you continuing success on you career and on finding tht special girl. i keep you in my prayers, and i just wanna tell you how much i enjoy your music. you are a beautiful person inside and out frm what i see :) well baby take care and God Bless.
beautiful'n'nice's picture

Hey Trey whats goin on just wanted to show some LUV new to your site and it's really nice, keep doin good and stay SEXXY Boo!!!!!
ParisYuuup's picture

Im So Wish i Would Have Went But ill Catch yuh next Time
Shaddae's picture

i wish i could have been there but i am all the way in jamaica right now going to scool trey baby loving your swagg baby keep it real
Trey'sLaydii's picture

I was there ha and I even made it in the vid. it was so much fun. Much love to Trey for doing all he does for his fans. He is truly a one of a kind artist. This was my first time meeting Trey and he was amazin, they was rushing everybody mad crazy but I can't wait to see the pictures... I love you Trey!
MsJJBabyee's picture

WTFF! omg when was this && where was i , oh no no ! im so maddd
Princess_kk19's picture

OMG trey ur so cute, i have not met you yet but i aint sweating it because i am gonna see u some day so am gonna have faith of course and WAIT!!!! anywayz I LOVE U & UR MUSIC CONT'D DOING UR TING BOO SOMEDAY AM GONNA C U (PRETTY SOON THOUGH).
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

I wish i was their Trey. You need to come to Florida more often.
NissaBoo's picture

Omg I Used To Live There That Suksz Trey Should Come To Douglasville Ga Dnt Shit Happen Here
MusikHunny's picture

I was one of the first ones in line!!! I had a good time even though it went by soooo fast!!!! They were rushing everyone off!!!! This was my first time meeting Trey and I wanted to take a pic with him but they wouldnt let me :-( All of my other friends have pics with him except me!!! :-( Hopefully my day will come!!!


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