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Trey Songz - Never Again [Official Video]

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on November 21, 2012 - 5:15pm

Check out Trey's new visual for "Never Again" off of his new album CHAPTER V! Download "Never Again" on iTunes HERE. Let us know what you think of the new clip in the comment section below.

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Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

Aww I love this :) Never Again is one of my most favorites off ChapterV. Beautiful <3
Essence711's picture

This video is great! Great pick for the scenery, great pick with the love interest, and great idea for the storyline in all. To think, all of those heartfelt feelings and thoughts and visuals came from a 'what if' moment. Although the song itself is bittersweet, the video brings it all together, and it actually made me like the song a lot more.
charity24's picture

I love the song Its one of my favs of the CD and I just love the video and Im hype because thats my city Philly :) We love you hear Trey good job on the video !:) There are lots of places I wish you would of done sceens at like Love Park but theres know way you could of done that without shuting down Down town like you did when you were at FYE that one time smh I van laugh about it now but at the time it was mad crazy but anyways Great video and thanks for shooting it in my city :) Im so proud lol
CELLE-CELL's picture

Love this song! & real nice video..
JAZZY ANGEL's picture

I love this video for the way it was put together. There are no over the top sex scenes and it's about the relationship of a man and woman. The times spent in each others presents. U really do miss those times when they are not done or you aren't with that special person.
Tonya626's picture

Love this video! Trey is so talented!!!
Linz84's picture

Beautiful video!!!
kmab91's picture

I love it! another amazing video. hes so gorgeous!
leta27lele2's picture

I love the video.. An I also love the person he picked to be in his video. She doesn't look all model type or made up. And omg! He was in my home town.. So sad didn't get to meet him. Maybe next time


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