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Trey Songz Takes Europe and The Box Office By Storm!

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on January 7, 2013 - 2:15pm

Trey is officially making his way through Europe for the Chapter V World tour! While taking the stage in Sweden this weekend, Trey dominated the box office with his debut film Texas Chainsaw 3D which opened at #1! Check out some of the images from Stockholm, Sweden below and head to for more international tour dates!


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Niecee Wilson-Gayle's picture

Best day of my life :)
NBoo84's picture

Thanks for the great show in Munich, Germany!!! :)
jennifercampbell37's picture

Linz84's picture

Go Trey!!! Like Donnapettus said add so more dates in the US lol!!
KerryannNewman's picture

congrats doll love love baby...
UnCommonAngel's picture

CONGRATULATIONS Tremaine on you doing a wonderful job even do you still sick !!!!!!O My much LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
queentalibah2008's picture

Congratulations Tremaine you deserve it sweetie gonna be alot of blessing in 2013 and many more to come muahhhhhh much love!!!!!!
donnapettus's picture

CONGRATS!!!! :)....... Sooo Happy for you!!! Now I want you to add some more dates to the US so I come see you again!!!! lolol... and you're doing all this, sick with the flu...WOW..... Simply Amazing you are...if you didnt know, now you know, you are!!!!! :)
DtownCougar's picture

SagiTopaz's picture

Love the pics Trey always looks very nice
SagiTopaz's picture

Shout out to the UK Angel's
SagiTopaz's picture

YUUUUP.....#1 at the box office Im so proud of him I just love being apart of his movement and Im happy that I was apart of the CHAPTER V TOUR to Chicago Dec 1st 2012
samara_gaskins's picture

Yes!!! #1 album #1 movie World tour... Now let's bring home the grammy!'s picture

wow our baby killin it go ahead trey we proud of you baby
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

dead at the bra in the last pic LOOOL slaySongz!!!


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