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Trey Speaks with Sister 2 Sister

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  • Trey Speaks with Sister 2 Sister

    Trey tells S2S how he was torn between his career and his girlfriend in his last relationship. He says dating is just too difficult when you’re a singing sensation with bedroom eyes.

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on September 3, 2009 - 1:49pm

Trey tells S2S how he was torn between his career and his girlfriend in his last relationship. He says dating is just too difficult when you’re a singing sensation with bedroom eyes.

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vbryan's picture

if is hard to date now and days and for trey it is even harding i got this interview good read
yo1desire's picture

I feel you Trey. I am not even a singer and I find it difficult to balance out school, family, work, friends, and a relationship, and trying to make a mixtape. So i get where you coming from and i kno it's even harder for u becuz you are famous. I wish the best for you though and one day I hope dat you can find that person dat equals u out.Hugz n Kisses. Signed Fez
snwann's picture

Trey jus tk ur tim wit cmmtmnt b/c wen the 1 surfaces SGBABB!
Pink-Barbie's picture

he used to date helan sad dey broke up...
LovingLife's picture

First of all, I can understand where you coming from, but that true one for you is out here somewhere (hopefully with me) lol, but seriously she will be there keeping you focused and be understanding of the industry and all the distance between you two, the long hours that you have to put in to be able to keep up the successful life that you two will have, and she will know that all the groupies/temptation out there will be no competition compared to her, so they will not even matter.
baibe pnk's picture

I just feel what hes goin through but we got to remember that hes a guy and human n needs a lot of attention form someone that myt know him as Trey-the simple guy and that he gets lonely sometimes..much as he can't balance the two,he can perhaps learn something better again from his past relationship such as-tryna learn how he can do better cos hes gon have to balance the two at some point in life as hes chosen that as his career path.....but i also respect his decision to give relationships a break but that if a girl(Trey-m speakn to you)if this girl comes along n u like her,i tell you dnt hold back whatsoever cos she comes once in a lifetime-dnt be scared..mean i wake up every morning hopin that he says rather asks me again if i can kip up n each time i say no-see that small one word changed my life n now m lonely..Trey-ts nt good at all-life is all so boring n less fruitful...
Trey'sLady_2's picture

Trey boo I hope u feel better. I also agree with the others. It's very difficult to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with someone when your always on the go. Its not fair to the other. Much Love, ATL'S BEAUTY GREAT ALBUM BY THE WAY
-CoCoLoveLostNeverson's picture

N all The Gurlz n women that love Trey should respect how he feelz..... i think itz actually heart felt..... LOVE U TREY......
kashmoneybby's picture

i think its soo sweet the fact tht Trey doesnt wanna be in a relationship riqht now bc of how busy he is wit his career..gotta love him..ladies on Twitter qo Follow his OFFICIAL FEMALE FAN CLUB @YuuupGirls
Littlemiss134's picture

I agree #1- Mo from the NYC

I can relate to how you feel about being in a relationship right now when you can't see, touch, or feel the person your dating because of being on the road so much maintaing an image for our young generation today. I LOVE YOU TREY SONGZ AND WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU IN EVERYTHING YOU DO HUGS AND KISSES YOUR #1 FAN BRE FROM C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A MMMMMUUUUUAAAAAHHHHH.
Danyale_3's picture

Awww. She was taking care of you! Thats nice.
Beautiful Mistake's picture

lol thanx 4 that Tasha...i agree totally cuz its really hard nowadays 2 maintain tha necessities in life like a job, a home and even urself..a relationship is in a whole new life box!! i've been single for a long time cuz i gotta take care of me but im not knockin any1 who's in luck & may God bless u..oh, i agree wit u too Jazz, u could see it in his body language n hear it in his voice.
Tasha_35's picture

I can relate to what Trey is saying. Im not famous, but I travel ALOT because of my job and so did my ex-BF. Me and my ex-BF had to take a break because we hardly saw each other. When I'm in town he's gone and when he is in town I'm gone. It hurt so bad to break up, but we had to focus on ourselves; we're both young people with promising careers. So to Trey, do you and let God handle everything else. What's meant to be will be when the time is right, that's my philosophy Let me get off my soap box now....LOL : )!!!
YUUUUUP's picture

Aww that is so sad... Poor Trey. He really seemed to love her.


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