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Trey Speaks w/ MTV on "Say Aah"/"Invented Sex" Videos

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on November 9, 2009 - 1:13pm

Read the full article over at now!

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the video is sooo hot.
CheekyB9's picture

wonder if there is any way to see this banned Calvin Klein ad. kinda curious as to what inspired such a music video.
sexy sha's picture

Hi trey, i just wanna say that i love the video and song alot.Invented sex is hot and sexy....and so are you.i love your sexy lips...anyway congrats on everything you doing and keep it up.i love everything in the video,if you doing the video for "yo side of the bed" call's one of my favorite song.
JenYuuup's picture

If you make a video for Neighbors Know My Name... gimme a call :)
Rolanda4's picture

"It's more sensual than raunchy.".. I totally agree.. I loved this interview.. It's your time to shine (OMG!!! you're blinding me.... hahaha.. wack joke.) Anyway, congrats on everything..
southern sugar's picture

Trey, I just love the way you made sex sound so professional.....:)
Pretty brown eyes's picture

I love the song.. it is really hot.. as well as the video.. You are so sexy.. Congrats Trey.. I am happy for you.. it is about time you blow up.. you have been in this game for a while now.
ghostwriter_2's picture

i love the song an video an its more classy then anything an you have to have your own so if they say its over you say i got my own crib ok it was real lol! you know what im saying so you can invent more then sex
Danyale_3's picture

Great description I love how at the end you say "its more sensual than raunchy." Great wrap up. ;)


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