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UK Fans! Enter the "Trey Fanatic Five" Contest to Win a Google Hangout with Trey!


  • UK Fans! Enter the "Trey Fanatic Five" Contest to Win a Google Hangout with Trey!
    Aug 3, 2012

    UK Fans! Enter to win a Google Hangout with Trey on 8/27 - where you can ask him questions about the Chapters of his life! The Google Hangout will be filmed and entering is easy! In the comment section below, let Trey know why you are his biggest fan! One entry will be selected to win a Google Hangout with Trey! Trey’s new album CHAPTER V arrives in stores on August 20th, pre-order your copy HERE.

    This contest is open to UK residents only. By entering below, you agree to the official rules.

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on Aug 3, 2012 - 12:43PM

UK Fans! Enter to win a Google Hangout with Trey on 8/27 - where you can ask him questions about the Chapters of his life! The Google Hangout will be filmed and entering is easy! In the comment section below, let Trey know why you are his biggest fan! One entry will be selected to win a Google Hangout with Trey! Trey’s new album CHAPTER V arrives in stores on August 20th, pre-order your copy HERE.

This contest is open to UK residents only. By entering below, you agree to the official rules.


MissTremaineNeverson's picture

C: You will always have my love + my support through sunshine, rain + storms.

I’ve already preordered ‘Chapter V’ like I have with all your other albums and the anticipation is KILLING me. focused its got you places + it still is your fan base is growing by millions day by day + your getting the recognition you deserved ages + ages ago. Wishing you even more success + fame in the future – it may not happen right now or at this precise moment you want it too but you will get it when God thinks its right. I’ve helped support you from day 1; whether with posters, getting new fans, advertising you and what you do! AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. <3

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C: Your song lyrics based on your thoughts/feelings have made me realize I’m not alone. I love watching your interviews, listening to your songs making me feel like I’m there with you with a range of different emotions: crying, laughing, giggly,lol it’s a thing where I could be watching you on TV whether my moment, a music video, interview whatever - when you smile I smile, I scream, I get excited, I look at pictures of you and I'm in tears only you have this effect on me, Unfortunately, I have not been able to see you in concert, personally I don’t think that does not make me less of a fan than anyone else. I ‘m constantly talking about you, if not that your music, it annoys EVERYONE when I mention your name/ or talk about you its because once I start I just can’t stop, its actually so bad now, I have nicknames – Mrs Trey Songz, Mrs Songz Neverson, Mrs ‘Obsessed’ Songz its been so bad that my mum and dad had me on a limit to how many times I could say your name – 3 times a whole day if not I have to pay them it did not work WHATSOEVER, and in college my teacher used to have a money box every time I said your name I had to pay her like 50p lol, I used to annoy her because I ALWAYS used to talk about you. The amount of friends I’ve lost contact with either on facebook, twitter, etc just because of my recent updates about you – they just can’t take it anymore but I don’t care about them, you’re my everything and more and I love you sooo much words cannot even explain.‘Gotta Make It’ ‘Missing You’ ‘Heart Attack’ ‘Dive In’ and ‘Simply Amazing’ Amazing’ have to be my all time favourites, I can relate to your songs because I’ve experienced them. I’ve realised that hard really does pay off, you’re the one who taught me one of my favourite life lessons / quotes to this day ‘Never forget the morals instilled in you and what really matters in life, never let other voices of other people drown out your inner voice.’- I’m a proud fan + I have yet to find words to describe.

MissTremaineNeverson's picture

HEY TREY. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. I have been the biggest fan of yours since 2005 the ‘Gotta Make It’ days and if 110% truthful my love for you has grown even stronger now then it was before if that’s even possible.

When I first heard your beautiful voice, and watched your video I knew from that day that you would make it I’d be there support you on your claim to fame, it felt magical – hearing you hit them high notes – listening to you sing like no other, and I had just turned 11 !

you’re a really nice, kind, giving person you do so much + never ask for anything in return, you grew up in a small area + the fact that you’ve progressed so much is just unbelievable you’re just the best role model + inspirational person alive to me. You always give 100% so I feel the need to give 110% + it will continue to be like that till the very end. You mean so much to me + I know it sounds weird of me to say this but you mean everything + more to me; you seriously do!

Your voice puts me in a trance, sends me to another world – it is indescribable + always has me speechless. When you sing it feels like I’m singing with you and that you’re singing to me, you have a place in my heart + always will Tremaine. I know every word to every album + every song you’ve released since then, whether old, new, released, unreleased, remixes you name it I know it. Never would I have thought that such a person would feel the exact same way.

zoe_bennett's picture

Oops I ran out of room- I have spent hours and hours on youtube watching videos of your interviews and songs, at some interviews I have been crying for the simple fact that your so inspiration and so dedicated to what you do! I was recently at work and served a customer that was in love with you as well we was there for 30 minutes talking about you until the point I got in trouble and had to get back to work! I somehow everyday bring you up in conversation with someone either my family or a stranger even if I hear you from someone elses speakers I tap them then we end up in deep conversation about you. I am even planning on getting your wings tattoed on my back. Trey I really just want you to know that everything you do has a big effect on me and I just wish I could express that to you! I just wish I could win this opportunity as it is a life changing experience. I think even when im older I still think I will have a passion. I will even sit and talk to my children (when I have some) about the "crush" I had on you. I would also try and guide them in life and hope they would turn out like you once they have grown. Also to see the way you are with your mum is so touching as you can see the love and connection without even having to speak it is so amazing and she is such a lucky woman to have a son like you! I was up from the morning once at 5am trying to get tickets to come to your tour in America, but unfortunately they were all sold out! I would travel to the other side of the universe just to see you! I know I am up against a lot of competition and I do hope I will be given this chance to meet you and see the real Trey in person. I know you must hear this "I love you Trey, You mean so much to me" all the time, but Trey I really do mean it and it's not just a thing to say because I wanna be a groupie, its right from the bottom of my heart. I mean it! I even was promoting you out in Turkey a few weeks ago they love you and the music!! Much love your angel

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I eat sleep and breathe Trey. When I listen to your music it always puts me in a place that I dont feel when listening to other artisits, your words and the things you sing about are so inspirational and touching. When I have had a bad day I just sit and listen to you and your voice and always puts me in a much better place and makes me think of how lucky I am to support and have so much love for an artist like you!! From back in the day when you have first come about until now you have come a long way as soon as I first hear "Missing You" I was blown away, everyday since I have supported you I have fell in love with you more and more not just for your looks but the passion you have for the things you do and mainly your voice, even when people say things about you I always sit there and fight back and make my point clear why people should love, respect and support you! Your such a lovely man and so humble. I qued for hours and hours to be at the front row of your tour back in April last year at hammersmith and it was the best thing I have ever qued for I cried and cried and didnt stop crying even when the show has finished sang every song word for word. I really want to meet you and ask you things about your career and life find out more about the aritist I have such passion and love for. Your transitions from "Just Gotta Make It" to "Trey Day" to "Passion Pain Pleasure" to "Chapter V" are amazing, I am counting down the days for Chapter V I know it will be breath taking and worth the wait. I tweet you constantly everyday and you might not notice me but I will never give up on you just because I haven't had a tweet or a follow you might not even see my tweets, but I am just there to support you and love the things you do! I wish you could understand the passion and love I have for you. I wake up every morning to see you on my wall I have about 5 posters! Thank you for being an amazing artisit to support and being so inspirational thank you for this oppourtunity's picture

I am a dedicated hardcore Trey songz STAN! Although I haven't been down with him since his first album, I fell in love with with trey's voice just before Trey Day Released. Trey inspires me to do so much with myself, whether that means working hard in College to get my degree or simple giving back to the community. I've always been keen on giving back so the fact that Trey also shares this quality through his Angels with Heart foundation really means a lot to me. Every time he has a show in london i'm always there right at the front (having queued up since early morning when the show starts in the evening) singing every song word for word. Seeing Trey grow musically always brings a smile to my face.

I just want Trey to know that I adore him, not because of the way you look (don’t get me wrong he does look good) but its his voice, his music and his aura. The way he hits every note in each and every song so perfectly. You're a great asset to this world of R&B. The Transition from ‘just gotta make it’ to 'Trey Day' to ‘ready’ and ‘Passion Pain Pleasure’ is astounding. And now we await 'Chapter V' which I know will be AMAZING! I truly am proud of the man he's become, he has blossomed into something so surreal and I thank God each and everyday for blessing my ears with the sound of his voice.
I know a lot of his female fan base would say things like ‘I’m so in love with trey’ but what do I say? I say I’m so in love with his voice, his work ethic and his passion for what he does. I know the majority of his songs are often related to love/sex but I feel like a lot of the songs that aren’t on his albums, like songs off your mixtape are so touching and real,those are the songs that are constantly on repeat.
I just want to say thank you Trey. Thank you for providing your angels/fans with great music and entertainment. Thank your for allowing us to be apart of your life.

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I don't know if Trey even sees theses comments but if I didn't win it would be enough for him just to see this and I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been a fan since day dot but you have already made such an impact on me and it would be "SIMPLY AMAZING" to get a chance to ask you one of the thousand questions I've wished to ask you and i would end up having a "heart attack" just from the excitement. I guess I could say the "2 reasons" I think I should win this is because you are one of the few people who truly inspire me and even though I may not have been a fan for as long as others I support you just as strong as any other. I hope to see you continue on what you do best and to achieve everything and anything you want to.... and the fact you have a pretty face and a charming smile is a bonus :) much love and appreciated <3

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Trey I am your biggest fan, simply because I've been down since I Gotta Make It. A friend of mine introduced me to you and was comparing you with Brandon Hines. She took to him, and I took to u!
I followed your career from albums, mixtapes and your docu-series amd more! Im constantly in your twitter mentions trying to get your attention, and have been lucky enough for you to retweet & follow, and I'd like to thank you for that! I've made sure i made myself available to see you when you have come to England (i wonder if u remember me!) Trey, you are the topic of conversation DAILY amongst friends and family, and at work! You lighten my days whenever your music comes on! :D When we have the radio on at work, and one of your songs come on, I run in with the biggest smile on my face and everyone knows, its because your voice is coming through the speakers.
Trey, you are a truly inspirational person, simply because you have the love of God in the centre of your heart, and never forget that He is the reason why you are the man you are today.
To have the opportunity to interview & conversate with you, would be an opportunity that is greatly appreciated, and I would be ever so proud to be able to represent the UK Angels!! ^_^
@verni1 Steadfast Angel

liveeeeee's picture

I know that probably what I say is going to sound cliche...but I guess the reason I am your biggest fan is because of you. If you weren't the person you were it'd be different, I was introduced to you years back by my elder brother, and even then being young, I recognised such a undenying talent. Watching you grow from chapter to chapter has been a pleasure, never the less an honour. I first saw you back in June 2010 your first solo tour of the UK..the whole way through I had butterflies..I then next saw you when you toured noticed me waving my wings in the air...I burst out crying, I had never felt so.. Special. The last time I saw you was April 23rd 2011, you picked my pick me sign out of the crowd, and asked your angels to go backstage after the show, that's when my biggest accomplishment came, I burst out into song...singing on top to you, you sung it back to me.. That short encounter that we had, I remember word for word and I promise, it changed me inside :) you have supplied me it's the motivation and effort to believe in myself. I have then gone on to enter myself in various competitions..and I'm soon ready to show my voice. You supplied me with the confidence to do that, and for that I thank you. Ou then went on to talk about what happened in a radio interview.. In those few days, I had experienced a whole new level of happiness and the feeling I felt throughout that time I will keep with me. You taught me that.Feeling the music is just as important as hearing it, and I have never sung without my heart since. I may not be able to hire out billboards to promote you, I may not be able to attend every club you appear in..every show you perform every city as much as I wish I could, but I can promise you that I will continue to represent you wherever I can! I will always remain an #ANGEL :) I couldn't get tickets to hackney, I'm not 18 so couldn't get into the clubs when you recently visited. Thank you for everything trey :) @oliviaaayuuup

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Tremaine Aldon Neverson. You've changed my life in many ways than you think, like you have changed all of yours fans lives in one way or another. I could say Im your biggest biggest fan in the UK, but everybody is going to claim that title of being your biggest fan right? I've probably tweeted you so many time hoping for a rt, a tweet or maybe a cheeky follow but one day my day will come hopefully i even named me @ @yuuuuuuupsongz... People around me know Im into you not musically but personally aswell.. I've supported your music base for so long, since I've been born, down from day one. I have every album, every mixtapes you've released and im so excited so Chapter V, i get to excited to excited when you release a video, like your recent one simply amazing i still get happy watching wonder woman too. I haven't seen you live because when you tour the UK its just for a couple of nights, but i try to hard to get tickets but somethings cant be. People tell me stories about you meeting them showing me photos, and Im like one day that will be me.. I know every word of every song, the ones you are featured on every word. People would say im obessed with you i would say im dedicated like most of your angels Trey. Im proud of you in every way and i'll keep supporting you in everything through the good and through the bad, like you said you just gotta make it, and hopefully i can make it, even if i dont make it i'll have my day. I cant compete with all these others fans, but God willing.. okay i dont want to bore you with whys whys.. but honestly i respect you, and i have so much love for you tremaine, God bless you. I feel like crying cause this means alot to me. thankyou for giving me this chance, i truly appreciate it. *trey songz voice* oooooh woah ooh woah oohh ne-ne-ne-never knew love could hurt this freakin bad the best thing i've ever had, yuuuuuup. okay hopefully will meet soon. God Bless, Cilla Kerigun xx

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wow reading all the comments below is amazing too see how much Trey affects people in a positive way, i probly dont have much of a chance but just like anyone it would mean the world to me! I remember hearing your first song and after that i was hooked, my ipod is full of your albums, mixtapes every song you have sang i have it, i love the fact your becoming so much more known in the UK like you deserve and its about time they started playing you more on the radio so much its fab! its amazing to see how far you have came, and how you have brought your family and fans with you and never forget them! not many other fans can say there fave replys and retweets them on twitter but you will never forget team Songz. im permantly singing and listening to your songs or mentioning you to someone, i reply to questions using your song lyrics and you have perfect lyrics for every mood im in.. i seen you live in Liverpool on the 23rd April 2011, my 17th birthday! and it was the best night of my life! i was counting down the days until i seen Trey not until it was my birthday! and every week month and the year after that it was my 'Trey Anniversary'. if i won this contest it would be Simply Amazing, id have a Heart Attack and be on Top Of The World. i dont go a day without listening to your music and most of all im proud to be an angel <3 x x x x

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OMG when i found out about this i just had to enter so that i could meet you. My friends always telling me to shut up, because im always singing one of your songs. the sad thing about it is every time that you've been in the UK i've always missed out on seeing :'( but hopefully i will win this competition. I am a true Trey Angel and i've been down with trey since the beginning. some of my favourite songs are from chapter 2 &3, but i love every mixtape, album, ep, song and others that you make and i so proud to be on your team. I appreciate all the time and effort that you put in to your music, and i thank you so much for doing it because your one of the FAVORITE artist EVER. the time take out to talk to fan like me on ustream or on fb, make me feel like im actually there with you and i going on the successful journey as well. I am one of your biggest fans and i get so happy when i walk in the a store and here on of your songs playing, or on the radio, it just make my day. i have all your song and albums. i got the posters and t-shirts as well. i have even got my friends and family hooked on songs and they have then gone and brought the albums. it's really hard to express the love that i have for you and really hope that i get chosen as i would love to meet you <3. I LOVE Tremaine " Aldon Neverson, and i ALWAYS WILL KNOW MATTER WHAT <3 TEAM TREY mwah <3