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UK Fans! Enter the "Trey Fanatic Five" Contest to Win a Google Hangout with Trey!


  • UK Fans! Enter the "Trey Fanatic Five" Contest to Win a Google Hangout with Trey!

    UK Fans! Enter to win a Google Hangout with Trey on 8/27 - where you can ask him questions about the Chapters of his life! The Google Hangout will be filmed and entering is easy! In the comment section below, let Trey know why you are his biggest fan! One entry will be selected to win a Google Hangout with Trey! Trey’s new album CHAPTER V arrives in stores on August 20th, pre-order your copy HERE.

    This contest is open to UK residents only. By entering below, you agree to the official rules.

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on Aug 3, 2012 - 12:43PM

UK Fans! Enter to win a Google Hangout with Trey on 8/27 - where you can ask him questions about the Chapters of his life! The Google Hangout will be filmed and entering is easy! In the comment section below, let Trey know why you are his biggest fan! One entry will be selected to win a Google Hangout with Trey! Trey’s new album CHAPTER V arrives in stores on August 20th, pre-order your copy HERE.

This contest is open to UK residents only. By entering below, you agree to the official rules.


Jadey_Yuuup's picture

Hi Trey <3

So just like everyone else when I heard about this, I got all excited that I could have the chance to interview you as it would be amazing to get to know the Tremaine Neverson before the Trey Songz.
You are a great role model and the drive and ambition you have lets me know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it., its refreshing to see such a global, successful star treat people so well and that is what attracts me to you. To be given this chance obviously would be a dream come true, being someone I admire a great amount to be able to get an insight of what you have been through throughout the chapters of your life would mean a lot to me as it would I guess inspire me to just never give up and always keep motivated in life to reach where I want to be.
Your a guy who keeps your supporters/fans smiling all the time which is so important and I love that, there are times where I wish I knew you before you came so famous because you seem like such a genuine, loving person which can be so hard to find.

So I'm going to wrap this up lol and hopefully will be speaking to you soon

x x x

naaixoxo's picture

Hey Tremaine ;D WOW, reading all of these other comments and I know that mine will NEVER match up to any of these, but I'm going to try my best for Trey<3 But anyhow, I have been there from the beginning, I remember listening to 'Gotta Make It' for the first time, and I didn't like it, but I still put it on my phone to listen to over and over again and I started to get into it, I knew all the words and I was singing it around my mom, she was like 'I thought you didn't like that song?' and I replied with 'Well I love it now, and I love this man.' It's mad how I still remember that day like it was yesterday. After that day, I listened to the rest of the album to see what all the other songs were like, and at that time, I was going through quite a lot of different things, and listening to the lyrics of each song , I realized how much they actually related to how I was feeling at the time, and then from that day, I fell in love with you, your album, your music, your voice, your smile, everything! I talk about you literally everyday, my mom is ALWAYS telling me to be quiet as she knows so much about you from me, ahh! When me and my mom are just skipping through the music channels and I hear just a second of your song, I always scream and tell her to put it back, even if the song is just finishing! But all of your albums, mix tapes, ep's EVERYTHING, I love them all, I will always support you in anything that you do, I think that you're a great man. I'm not a part of Trey's Angles just yet, but I promise you, I will be :D I am honestly one of your BIGGEST fans! You are always going to make it because you always put your mind to it, and put all your heart and soul into your music! One of my friends are hooked on your songs too! My favourite chapter of your life will probably have to be chapter 3 and 4! I have posters, t-shirts and everything! I don't think you know how much I actually love you, #TeamSongz Love You Millions Trey! One Love<3 p.s I will be America at the time

chelle_harding's picture

OMG when i found out about this i just had to enter so that i could meet you. My friends always telling me to shut up, because im always singing one of your songs. the sad thing about it is every time that you've been in the UK i've always missed out on seeing :'( but hopefully i will win this competition. I am a true Trey Angel and i've been down with trey since the beginning. some of my favourite songs are from chapter 2 &3, but i love every mixtape, album, ep, song and others that you make and i so proud to be on your team. I appreciate all the time and effort that you put in to your music, and i thank you so much for doing it because your one of the FAVORITE artist EVER. the time take out to talk to fan like me on ustream or on fb, make me feel like im actually there with you and i going on the successful journey as well. I am one of your biggest fans and i get so happy when i walk in the a store and here on of your songs playing, or on the radio, it just make my day. i have all your song and albums. i got the posters and t-shirts as well. i have even got my friends and family hooked on songs and they have then gone and brought the albums. it's really hard to express the love that i have for you and really hope that i get chosen as i would love to meet you <3. I LOVE Tremaine " Aldon Neverson, and i ALWAYS WILL KNOW MATTER WHAT <3 TEAM TREY mwah <3

SonyaTreysBabyGal's picture

I LOVE YOU! You don't know it yet but were going to get married and have half caste babies half black and half indian!!! , please make my life complete and let me see your beautiful face because you're SIMPLY AMAZING! ;) you see trey you get a girl with bit of banter ;)... I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! you're just absolutely BANGING! ,your voice gives me a orgy ,Also your an amazing individual , there's never anything bad about you in the media ,youre a wicked role model ,all of your songs are out this world you have so much sole and depth in your voice! I WILL ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING! ,Youre songs are so meaningful and have a lot of passion and you give your all! You dont understand how happy i get when i see you on the t.v ,Youre down to earth ,everytime i hear your songs it makes me smile :)! Favorite song has to be your side of the bed ,its got a lot of emotion and most people can relate to it .You have the most cutest smile and the most hottest bodies going !!!!! ,on top off all this your a true gentleman and have respect for women, You've been my crush since well forever ! This would mean a lot trey i would give up my limbs for you !!!!!!!!! You have a soulful voice and best rnb singer !!!! you can sing and rap i mean whats better than that,You should be very proud of yourself and everything that you have accomplished as you have made all you angles proud !! ,It doesnt matter whether your doing your sexual shiiz or your rapping you sound off the bloody hook!!!!!! Im literally like your stalker,i think your simply out this world !!,I Came all the way to america to see you FOUR TIMES! best person i have seen ! ....I love watching my moment because it actually feels like im in the room with you ,throughout the whole thing i have a massive smile on my face :DFollow you on twitter, instagram etc basically anything that involves you i will be doing , seriously wish i get this once in a life opportunity ,warning you i have a gheettto ,please pick me,i beg ,Love you xxx

aftonhindley's picture

Make sure all my friends listen to my radio interview, updating my FB profile picture with Trey Songz, making friends jealous FOREVER!!! Life changing memories

lovemyTN's picture

The reason why I would like to meet Trey is because he's my favourite male artist in America he took over Ginuwine's spot lol. There's been many times where he has come to London and I don't get a chance to watch him perform because of the work I do. This opportunity will be a very special moment for me my 7yr old daughter would be happy for me too lol she even knows most of your songs she's your little angel fan . If you pick me I would just like to say I will be VERY camera shy.

UR_NO.1_FAN's picture

Simply because.. IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE :), even thinking about the minor possibility makes me sooo happy, you can't imagine. I love you like crazy, you are easily the most handsome man in the world to me.. and your voice sends chills down my spine! If I am sad your songs make me smile, if I am tired they relax me. I have to say my favourite songs are 'gotta make it' and 'top of the world' because the former shows where you are coming from and the latter how far you've come, and the fact that that you give back to your community.. .you have come along way due to hard work of course, and that motivates me to work hard myself, and ofcourse who can resist it when you get sexy with it!! that smile!!!! pheeew, I watched all 10 episodes of my moment over in 1 sitting, because I just cant get enough. I feel like I have known you, you are a big part of my life even though I have never met you in person. My friends and fam make fun of me like 'he doesnt even know you exist' and I think its time for them to eat their words lol.. so please make my dream come true and choose me! xxxx <3 UR_NO.1_FAN

Emily Bowker's picture

I would love the privilege of winning this competition and the opportunity to meet Trey Songz because he is my all time favourite male artist. I've loved every single song of his from Gotta Make It to Simply Amazing. I spent hours drawing Trey's portait which he saw on twitter and re-tweeted. This showed me he notices, values and loves his fans and I see he does so much for us. Starting with being a great role model for our generation! His values and morals are what we should all strive to learn from. His songs show that he believes in having aspirations, working hard, being loyal to loved ones, staying down to earth, remembering where you came from etc. This is why I have never struggled with supporting such a trully amazing artist. His success is well deserved and I will proudly and strongly support him until the day he steps out of the studio.

To meet him would reaffirm how great life can be and I would be beyond ecstatic.

Keep up the hard work Trey, you're doing amazing and making all your UK fans so proud!

rachelgilbo23's picture

What's Happening, Trey...Mr Steal Your Girl =] How are you? I am your biggest fan because I have followed you for sooo long and I gotta say that body of yours is so damnnn finee!! I would love to meet you, such a talented singer/rapper with the sexiest voice ever!! You are 'Simply Amazing' and if you ever rang my 'Doorbell', I'd think I'd have a 'Heart Attack' but my 'Bottoms Up' for you anytime because I'd love a 'Massage' off you Trey as 'You Just Need Me' to give you one too. I know this might sound 'Unusual' but I would make you 'Say Ahh'.

God Bless, Peace Out !! xxxxxxxxx


Diipz stahh's picture

Heyy Treyy :)
I believe that I should win because I fell in love with your voice/songz from the first moment i heard them. I have been your biggest fan and I let everyone know who you are, usually by mentioning you and your songs to family and friends to the point where they get fed up. All your songs take up a majority of the space on my memory card so it's all worth it ;) I have never had the chance to come and see you at your concerts so this would be an honour if i could. (PLUS IT'S 3 DAYS BEFORE MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!).
Hopefully you pick me :) Love youuuu xxx

Rachelxxx's picture

I am officially trey's biggest fan not just due to the fact that I have always been a supportive fan of his music but that I will continuely be a big fan of his music. I have always wanted to meet trey (just like any normal human being) and not Gunna lie it's pretty wack that I would even get the chance. Much love always (DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE CUZ I TRIED TO KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET INIT...)

Tammykellar's picture

TREY SONGZ!, i loveeeee your music and love all of your albums pick me to interview you cus i love your voice its so soft and i would like to ask you several questions due to your albums and tours, my friend got me into your music and ever since i love every one of them, especially the new one heartattack kelly rowland is so lucky to be with you in that!, but anyways please pick me cus i love you so much and tbh i wanna marry you :D x

Magic83's picture

I believe I should win this as firstly I'm the first guy entering and secondly because Iv been listening to your music since 2005. When I heard in the middle I was like this dude has some serious talent! Ever since then I've been a major fan! Trey day is probably one of my all time r&b albums with we should be and last time being classics for me and my girl to vibe to. people didn't give it the credit it deserved! I can relate to a lot of what you sing about which makes your music very significant to my life at times, Iv been to your London concerts, I've bought the albums and I've been promoting your songs for 7 years so it would be an honour to meet the man Behind the music! More than likely a girls going to win this but I thought I would give it a go. As you say "just gotta make it"

onyii94's picture

(sorry I accidentally pressed post comment when I hadnt finished) Well Trey I always have imagined what it would be like if I was ever in a position to meet you. Sometimes I think perhaps I would be all shy, or cry.. Which I would try not to I can't make any promises lol. Well I hope you have liked what I've said and I hope i can be chosen to be one of those lucky people who will have the chance to meet you! Also you are so so so so so good looking and I would just love to give you the bigger hug ever :) thanks for taking time into reading this message and I really hope i get to meet you!!! Love you Trey Songz ❤

Mama.Maliik's picture

I am your biggest fan bcoz i aint just one of these young females just getting into your music i have been following you since just gotta, your songs, beats, lyrics of your first singles and your earlier album helped me get through a lot of struggles back then. when you were here for you tour i came to the manchester one even through some complications me and my friend had we still had an amazing day, if i died right now i would die happy knowing i have seen u in concert but would be a miracle to actually meet you in person. you are an inspiration!! even my 5 year old son knows who you are lol much love!!

mitzy0161's picture

i realy need 2 win this compo

onyii94's picture

I believe that I should be chosen for this competition because you are honestly one of my favourite artists. I absolutely adore ALL your songs and whenever it comes on the radio I always sing along to them and I know all the lyrics. I really liked you because of your personality and your voice is just so WOW. Every note you sing makes each hair on the back on my neck stand up. I really cannot explain how much I love you Trey! I always miss chances to come to your concerts but I always watch them on YouTube and i also watch your interviews as well as the concerts. I have always wanted to meet to Trey and it will be such a dream come true if I get the opportunity to! I have enjoyed all the music you make, all your songs have a meaning and I just always love listening to them. Your song "Heart Attack" honestly makes my heart drop to my stomach as its such a beautiful song and you just sing so well. I wished I could have watched you at London 02 and even at the Hackney Weekend. I always tweet you eiether saying I love you whenever I are you say something! I always feel complete when I write

Hemma_M's picture

I am your biggest fan Trey because your music is constantly playing! Your lyrics, beats and vocals together create a blend of music which gets me through times of difficulty and struggle, but also celebrates with me in times of success and happiness! I have been to your concert in Birmingham, England where I qued for hours just to get a good glimpse of you! - Can I just say THE BEST concert I've been to. You're the most talented artist in the industry and your attitude and motivation to be the best you can be sets a role model to the rest of us - As demonstrated in 'My Moment' which I must have watched like 3 times over by now! Haha. To be selected would be the most amazing thing in my life as I'm sure I can learn a great deal from you not only as an artist but as a human being. OH and also because you're just sooooooo damn good looking! ;) Haha!