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Ustream with Trey TONIGHT @ 11:30pm EST!


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MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

trey u really gave a message tonight u had me in tears i felt your passion baby #ChapterV is what it is right now !!!!!!!♥

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Everytime I hear him talk , I love him more as a person <3

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i love you trey cnt wait til u come bak to memphis we love u sexy

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This is and your mom...

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and u sexy doin it

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Baby u pleasin the shit out of me.. all smiles

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Omg mines isn't working :( it was just working then you went blank trey daddy :(

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Cant hear but can see you though

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Trey I lov u so am ready... Aint no nigga better then u...

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chapter 5 is amazing ! youre one of the best artists out there . i love you trey <3

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He's talking with no energy .. He's so handsome tho

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trey follow me @beautyndisguise !!!! i love you

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First time watching , I've been missing out ..

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I love you Trey! :) I wish I could see you in DC. But it sold out! :(

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its not letting us comment

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damn it took you awhile... so u at 106 & park tomorrow?

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I can't wait to see Trey songz live on Ustream he always keeps it real and stays true to himself!