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VH1 News: Trey Gets Emotional on PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE

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on September 27, 2010 - 6:10pm

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Ms. Java Chip's picture

He is just too cute for his own good and so down to earth... Love it
Clare's picture

lol, great job Trey, yes ur confident and sexy, just be what u r and be what u gotta be. we love u and keep going baby u have made it!
jsongzyuuup's picture

Aww....i love u so much Trey!!!! Ur such an amazing guy with great drive and an Big humble heart. I wish u all the best on ur album and it's success. U deserve it boo!
msderekanderson1's picture

This Is Y I Love U So Much Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@12kisses4u's picture

awww =)
Mysteryuz's picture

YUUUP! Such a cute clip.
SmartSexyAndCute's picture

Sex sales, and you are a sexy young man that is making it happen. Good luck with your continued success, KIM.
YourOneLove's picture

That was great Trey!!!!
TreyzAngelNema's picture

This was so brief, but detailed in so many ways. I personally loved it, one of the things that I admire about trey is that he has good stage presence and he keeps his audience from beginning to end. Not to mention that he is so in tune with his fans and he makes it a point to let us know how much he appreciate's us. Keep doing your Thing! Single and Ready to Mingle!? Yesssss good to know
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

let the lovefest continue yesssss trey we do love youuuu! MrStealYoGirl lol lehh goo (trey voice)
mrs_trigguh-foreva's picture

mrs_trigguh-foreva's picture

i forgot one moe thing lol
mrs_trigguh-foreva's picture

me and my friend love u like that soo keep that locked wit yo heart and dont throw away the key lol soo kisses huggies and keep on doing wut u doing i k u getting tired or not of us females saying u hansom and stuff but idgaf lmao soo u soo fucking sexy :D just wanted too get it off my chest lol soo yea love ya :D
mrs_trigguh-foreva's picture

aww i love trey for a person and imma keep on till his grave because thats how i am i never felt this way on a man i havnt even met yet but hope too im barley the age too even go too his concert but i am young as in teens and i love him wit all my heart and he gunna keep making music dat i love and one dai i might get him too follow me on twitter or see him on ustream or better yet get too goo too a concert and tell him how i feel i been a fan since trey day me and mom and i wont never forget i gotta go or last time or soo on soo trey i love u kisses huggies and ill always belive in u
babygurl_na_10's picture

As da days qo by am lovin em more n more?
Mz Yuup's picture

I really do luv Trey
pocketsized_b's picture

? love him & his music!!!!
Mrs. Neverson_23's picture

ill c you Dec. 11th hun!!!
Mrs.Neverson_202's picture

awww i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!
Honey_8's picture

WOW....Trey you sumed it up in a nutshell. Not only are you Mr. Steal Your Girl. Live life to the fulliest..Keep dreaming big and making the music that you do. You have a little bit of Teddy Pendergras and a little Mervin Gaye in you. That's what keeps us Cougars chasing.. You are amazing and passionate, vibrant and hellafied sexy.. One night for me will be a lifetime, gotta dream big :) but on the real keep doing what you do. Love you.
tremainesangel17's picture

Tremaine neverson aka trey songz is amazing I love him so fuckin much real talk. He is so passionate nd n all his videos he aint scared to show emotions so he's def a real man. His music I can't stop listening to I really do love him but not as an artist as a person. Trey ur a blessing nd I'm soo happpy that u do wat u do cuz its put a smile on my face nd watchin n seeing u tears me up idk y just da affect u have on females but stay doin wat u doin love u treyyyy believe dat yuuup
MonaDelunaSongz's picture

Omg ! my biggest dream is too meat and touch u baby , i love u
Ibelikeyuppp's picture

He is soo right, listening to his songs make me feel sexy as hell! Lol, I feel as though he can see me and he is singing to me. Its just crazy. I love me some Trey yall!
Tiara's Trey's picture

bitch, im single
tr3ysb@by's picture

He definitely is Mr. Steal Yo Girl. I'd be sooooo afraid to be in a relationship with him around. I know I'd cheat in a heart beat. Lmao.
haven_divine22's picture

:-(((((( I can't see it
trey wife shaneka_2's picture

trey i love u so much baby
Kenyatta87's picture

sho u right trey trey ! Thisis why I love that man. Yes he is sexy but my love for him comes from much more than that. He is a confident outstanding musician. He know he is the B.I....its mr. steal yo aint never lied! come steal me TREY...if U bad!!!! lmboo muahhhhhhhh! ?


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