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Vote for Trey in Fuse's Grammy Polldown!

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Atlantic Records's picture
on January 15, 2010 - 3:19pm

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1MrsNeverson's picture

Does this increase his chances?I dont really know how this works,I've been voting like mad though :) if anyone would like to explain to me if the voting helps, I'd really appreciate it...
icanmakeya's picture

I know that your going to win because the Grammy's are on Jan. 31 and that's my Bday I'll be your Good Luck Charm!
Alicia_602's picture

i voted = ) you deserve to win!
Mizz Mimi's picture

i just voted a couple of time...youre in the lead trey....i know you gone win so dont worry bout it...
Ciera Songz's picture

Trey got 76% of the votes now that's what I like to see. I'm still going to keep voting cause I love you so much and you deserve it.
icanmakeya's picture

Trey is whooping Tail in this vote! Nice touch with the "Invented Sex" vid in the background. (just a taste) He has at least 10,000 votes everybody else is under 2,000! Great job TS fans.
LittleMissNeverson's picture

i voted baby
UgottaLoveTrey's picture

I vote for you boo
Isyces's picture

I'll be voting for you hon...
xDestiny's picture

|| Bon Chance avec prix de Musique. J`adore Trey Songz.|| Love you lots.
Beau ideal's picture

Just letting it be known I'm def voting crazy!! Maad times..everyday lol. "Watch how great he be..It was made for you! No one stopping you, thats your prophecy you gotta be, one of the best to do it..........."! You got this =)
Kawsar Neverson's picture

Treys Wife Mz Packii BaBii's picture

trey im praying that u win bae....knock em out...
.BriSongz.♥'s picture

i swear on everything if they try to dick Trey and give this to Beyonce, Imma fuck sumthin up, real talk! ?iLy tremaine?.
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

If I Vote One More Time I Think FUSE Will Block My Ass..........Am Doin This Like Am Crazy...Love ya Trey
cocobabyface's picture

trey got that award fosho
beelee's picture

voting 4 u each day ur album was dopeee.... keep it up...
Ms.Lake's picture

Trey is killin with 82% off the votes!!!!! Yay TREY :-)
Chyna White's picture

I voted for you Trey a lot of times. Good luck.
Char_SoSweet's picture

I voted over and over again. I know you going look so handsome with your grammy in your hand. believe that.
xoxtreysongzxox's picture

come on ya'll we need to keep voting for him!!!
blank's picture

i will vote cus if he is at the grammys then he wont be in the DMV area....and i wont get in trouble!
Wizkidification's picture

I spent some time voting for you today, Trey :)
smoochies's picture

ur like @ 80 % rite now, jus tryna gey u some crazy votes !!! This one is a HIT babe . it's a signed deal , this award is Ready for you
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

I voted again and again and again and again and again.......u get the drift
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

I just voted and Trey got like 79% of the votes...he toppin Beyonce's I Am Sasha Fierce............Get Em Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SB_2's picture

You got my vote!!!
Baby Girl_10's picture

Baby you've always had my vote..can't wait to see you accept your award..I'm so sure you will win..I will be glued to the T.V watching, waiting, and praying they call you really deserve it...wish I could celebrate your big win with you!!!anyways baby do it big this year!!! lots of love, hugs and kisses all over...missing you so much... GOOD LUCK DADDY!!!!
lilymichelle's picture

I voted:D He's winning!
Noémie_2's picture

Of course i'm voting for Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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