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WATCH: Ludacris' "Sex Room" ft. Trey Songz [Behind the Scenes]

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on May 11, 2010 - 9:28am

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sweet_lady79's picture

cant wait to c the video. i know it going to be hot and very sexxy.
acooke's picture

mary j blige video and you hot cant wait for the luda video.
ebony_24's picture

cant put it in words but very excited :)
Ms.October's picture

Trey u are fine for no reason :) This video and everyone you in is HOT.... Where u going to be at after the concert on May 21st in Chicago? Let me know where the spot is!
SONG BOOKZ's picture

cant wait to watch it !!i freakin love this song n i knw the whol video gonna be sexy !!
mrssongz1_2's picture

Is trying to see what being in Trey's sex room is REALLY all about? But in the mean time in between time...Im going to support EVERYTHING he does. Love you Trey. You will always be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE r&b artist.
zenadali2426's picture

Cant wait to see the turn out of this video!!!! Know its gonna be HoTTTTT!! :)
Rolanda4's picture

Yes... This is going to be Hot. HOT.. Luda always put out banging videos.. hmmm... Those handcuffs looked interesting.. What you say Trey? You can cuff me to that pole and lather me up...
Raminta's picture

What can i say.. WOOOW ! In all the videos Trey looks sexy ! Cant wait to see it ! :)
qcchick1983's picture

Yes'sir! Cannot wait for the (unedited) video to come out! With Sexy Trey in it, I know it's gonna be HOTT!!
TopNotchnKlassy's picture

I must say dis is the HOTTTTTEST COLLABO EVER......Luda cldn't hv picked no 1 better thn TREY....TREY U kill'd it asgain as usual. Good job guys. Can't wait 2 c the video ;-)

nice look trey...
Khristie's picture

The video is gonna be really nice and laid back. I'm sure it was extra fun at the resort casinos.... But Trey where's your sex room?
MissRachael's picture

you look good baby as always YUUUP
mii_sunflower's picture

trey i cant handle all these sexy video's geeshhhhhhhhhh but i love u and cant wait to see it *kissies*
Chelsea_17's picture

I really like this song!!!
SimplyJezZs♫'s picture

omg!!!....verrrry verrry sexy silhouette might i add!!...@ Trey Songz sayin," i prolly look like a silhouette with the light hittin the back of my head".....ugh!....iFreakin Luv this guy!!!!!! ~JezZs.~
Trey's Bahama Mama's picture

Can't wait!
RickeYuuup's picture

Nice sexy :)
CELLE-CELL's picture

trey u look nice in dis video clip i like dat turtle neck on u, n ur hair look fly. Looking forward for dis video also da ur side of da bed video to come out.
pocketsized_b's picture

gahhh i can't wait to see this video!!!!! i love TREYYYYY!!!
comela chen's picture

i just love it!!!

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!
STaRSZ's picture

daayuummm another sexyy aszz videeooooo
Rucka78's picture

Trey you looking good as usual!! Can't wait to see the video...
Tyesha_3's picture

any video your in has sex appeal...see farther than we see..follow me @sexxibrowneyez
Bosslady_9's picture

Cant wait for the video!!!!



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