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WATCH: A Message from Trey

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  • WATCH: A Message from Trey

    Click HERE to get your Love Faces 2011 Tour tickets NOW! Plus, don't forget to check out the all-new Valentine's Day Bundles at Trey's Official Online Store HERE!

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on January 19, 2011 - 11:35am

Click HERE to get your Love Faces 2011 Tour tickets NOW! Plus, don't forget to check out the all-new Valentine's Day Bundles at Trey's Official Online Store HERE!

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iLoveTremaine3's picture

Awwhh :) i wass going but its a school night ): !
stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

Aww this was so sweet wish he had shows in the South but hope all the ones who are going have fun
Micara's picture

Damn I love the hell out of him!!! I am even more happy, and rest less to know that we Angels located here in the "D" will get to spend our evening before V-Day with Mr. Songz!!!!!! To all the other Angels out there who's cities won't be visited I am sorry :-(!!!!
PinkySongz's picture

damn I love him I wish one of these love faces tour dates was on the westcoast i'd be in there but im happy for all the other angels who are attending :)
Dtanya Brown's picture

yeah trey one more thing, i am a bbbw and im not a one size fits most yeah i already purchased a shirt but gave to my niece due to my breast are large and look like i was squeezing your head so if you take time out make some items a lil bit larger due to alot of full size woman are digging you too just a suggestion....more $ im just saying Yup
Dtanya Brown's picture

All I have to say is Wow... Keep doing what your doing Mr Songz, I am a fan since you've hit the scene and saw greatness in the working. I attended show at Pier 6 in Baltimore, the show was hot but due to all the youngins i was not able to see you as much, had great seats but it was wild. I bought ticket as a wedding present for myself, first concert ever. You did shout me out , the lady in the lime shirt with the gold clutch bag..........Now that made my day.. it was not what i expected but i took it and ran with it. From and older woman stay true to your fans and family. Of course Family is a top Priority, stay true and be you at all times. Just do your thing and everything else will fall into place. I wish you nothing but fame, fame, fame because you sure put in the work and deserve every moment...... just love ya
KekeBeauty01's picture

Happy V_Day Tremiane. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this video massage.. You are some AWESOME!!!!!! I love you and see you soon Feb. 11th NYC.... May god continue to bless you, your wonderful team, your families and friends Be safe..... MUAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Pringle's picture

Love U 2 Trey......I already plan on travel to NY from VA to go catch the Love Faces Tour the things I do.....Im such an dedicated Angek :) Follow me @Jazzabellia
marie_35's picture

Kennish226's picture

Love U 2 Trey....Just wish u were comin to tha GA or SC.....MWAH
ShaySongz_2's picture

bstofthebst's picture

You are the best, I heart you!!!! I agree with @realazzchelle spending Valentines day with Trey is priceless.
nido3030's picture

You are is sooo AMAZING! I love you to Trey :) My Valentines Day will definitely be special because i will be with you in Chicago..This is the only man i wanna be with :) YAY! Can't wait for the best V-Day Ever.....Nido30
prettypetals's picture

thanks Trey and Happy Valentine's day to u also.. i Cant wait for you to come to Trinidad.. and i am soo looking forward to that LOVE FACES VIDEO.....
TreyYuuupBby's picture

Can this man get any more amazing????? I love you to Trey...and thanks for taking time to wish us all a happy Valentine's Day:)....looking forward to the LoveFaces video;)...
Andi04's picture

Feb 13 can not get here soon enough, gosh i love that guy
CharBaby's picture

Yes You already know Trey!!! City 2 City, Coast 2 Coast!!!! lol
Angela_25's picture

Trey's dedication to us is one of a kind. Thank you for the Valentine's Day wishes Trey! The Angels adore and appreciate your selfless acts of appreciation... Angela
Connie_2's picture

Happy Valentine's to you too, I will see you in Detroit, I'm coming from Cleveland only for you Trey!! Thanks for the shout out and wishes. See you soon!
Ms.Keosha PureAngel's picture

Thanks Trey how sweet, this will be my first time in D.C since you aren't coming to Baltimore, so i will be there Feb 12th
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

AWWWWW TREYYY we love you too thank you for always thinkin of us !!! yes I am a #travelingangel 1st MIA next THE CHI we go all out but spending valetines day with you priceless!! LOVE YOU MUAHHH
Enchanted Angel's picture

Awwwww. *tear* Happy Valentine's Day to you too.
A_Perfect_Angel's picture

Awwww i love my Trey =)
MzShyTownDva's picture sweet! Happy Valentine's Day 2 u too Trey! Muahhhh!!! C u in da CHI Vday!!!



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