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WATCH: RealTalkNY Interviews Trey

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on October 12, 2010 - 11:28am

Trey speaks with Nigel D. from about his new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE & more! Peep the interview above!

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LaTasha_4's picture

Thats right Trey live for you. Never worry about what someone says about you. When they speak on you just know your always on their mind. It's when they don't speak that you worry. Me I'm a fan for life. Keep doing what makes you happy. Give to the world what you want and thats what you will get out of the world. Do you and keep it moving:)
Houston_Scorpio's picture

I like the way u smile when you say Trey's Angels !!! :-)
Houston_Scorpio's picture

NICE!!!'s picture

Once again Trey does another great interview! So glad he shouted out the angels! Had to smile when he said that! :). 2010 was his year for so much great things! I cant wait to see what he has in store for 2011! :)
CELLE-CELL's picture

OMG, Trey that's why I got attracted to you in the first place. I love the way you command an interview you just keep it so real.You are so wise for your years!! I know your mother couldn't be any prouder of her son. So many praises I can give you because, I really think your special!! I don't normally go all out after stars but your presence drew me to your world:) I also liked the fact how you sent your love to your angels we so appreciate that. That's why we love you back trey. I wish you continued success In the future please stay humble & remember who loves you baby??
@YuuupItsBRI's picture

Trey's angels is a movement.. yup :)
Msbreeziibaby's picture

Wow this is such a great interview and such words of wisdom ... You have grown into someone I look up to & to know that im part of your life in some way shape or form makes me happy keep up the Good work ! I love you soo much Trey !! xoxoxoxo - April
SumtnSpecial10's picture

oh wow! he is truly such a REMARKABLE man. cant help but love him even more after this. god bless you tremaine! keep on succeeding babyboy! mwahs. =) btw: i was there! woohoo!
lovelyjay80's picture

And allowing us angels to be able to be a part of his extended Family which I absolutely love and I support you in everything you do I was there at Macy's that day as well. I tip my hat of to the whole Neverson/Tucker Family because April Tucker and your Grandmother and aunts are amazing in more way than one raising awesome men like You, Forrest, Your Cousins, etc.... Amazing... they instilled Morals that you constantly portrayed and you are so humble and loving about it. Stay that way please!... Really as you grow Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally and as a Singer always be like you are now Humble and loving. May God watch over your beautiful soul every night no matter where you rest your head in your hectic life (Proverbs 10:22) I love you Tremaine a.K.a. Trey Songz your Truly Jasmine from NYC
lovelyjay80's picture

Seriously I love him sooooooooo much!... Trey is one in a billion and my favorite part of the interview was when he said live your life for you and don't lose focus of who you are. That is a very true statement we must never loose focus of who we are and in his case Tremaine always stay true to himself since the beginning!... he is intriguing in every way which makes you love him more and more so capitivating and real 110% percent giving of himself yet leaving other aspectsw private. I respect that very much and in so many ways he reminds me of Marvin Gaye not the way he look cause he is all so fine but in the sense Marvin Gaye was Talented way beyond his time. In that same way Tremaine Neverson is way before his time he has a old passionate soul which he allows you to see to a degree by means of his music other parts in his interviews and the way he articulate himself which is amazing and delightful to watch. Furthermore, In this day and age is a Southern Gentlemen which is portrayed thru Trey Songz truly breath taking. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT TREY and he will be a great asset to any women he is Charming, Friendly, Funny, Intelligent,Eloquent, Attentive, Spiritual, Family- Oriented, Love kids, and My personal Favorite Fine with deep Caramel dimples and a smile that will melt any women heart. Thank you God for creating someone Special like Tremaine Neverson......
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

I just love him!!! The more and more I see and listen to him love for him grows. It is so awesome to see him grow and continue to grow into beautiful man....mind, BODY and spirit!!! Love you Trey!!!'s picture

Trey, true fans appreciate you for being you and listen to thr hype because as we all know in life there are always HATERS.Much love from VA.
trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

" SO CRITIQUE THAT", man I love him!
CoNel Cyber Angel's picture

Real talk at the end of the interview.
Trinal's picture

@TreySongz I love your positivity and ambition. You give credit where credit is due and that speaks to your character. Although I think you are extremely sexy and charismatic, I'm in love with your music, your passion and your drive. As a Man from what I've seen and heard, you are a rare breed and I thank your Mom and Grandma for raising a wonderful man. As an artist you are indeed a force to be reckened with and your talent is limitless. I can see you in Movies and TV. I am so proud to be one of your Grown and Sexy Angels. Much love and success to you! Muah!
WhitneyDesiree''s picture

SB_2's picture

We love you to Trey! Such a wonderful job with answering those questions. I like how you answer the questions so honest.
Tasha_Fierce's picture

With every interview, you make me sooooo proud to be an angel! You have become an example of hard work, determination and staying true to who you are. Continued success!
Raminta's picture

Wow everything he said was just so true. Keep up the good work TREY !
Enchanted Angel's picture

AMEN! Very well said.
Rolanda4's picture

Get um.. This is Tremaine.. Hugs and Kisses
CutTiGurl609's picture

This interview is ON!!! A couple things he said really was right on time for me. Like, "I don't know what to expect for myself... everytime I've set goals I seem to have surpassed them." I love how he know he's done well and is like 'fuck being modest I'm hot!' LOL Then of course when he shout out his Angels. I love you too Trey! Mostly the message at the end could not have been said at a better time for me. I was just having a conversation with my father last night and he told me the same thing, in more words of course. To hear it from Trey in this interview I feel like he was talkin directly to me and it was just inspiration. "Life in general you gotta believe in you.... you live your life for you, you do what you do for you, because the moment you start to live your life for others you'll lose yaself within that. Focus on what it is you want to have. Go get it." I LOVE U TREY!!! THANK U!
CharBaby's picture

luvintreysongzonly's picture

I looooooove my baby swagger...he looks great in every interview..this MAN is for me....


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