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WATCH: 'Say Aah/I Invented Sex' Behind the Video

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on October 21, 2009 - 1:33pm

Get a glimpse of what went down on the set of the "Say Aah/Invented Sex" video shoot with Trey Songz and Fabolous. Plus, stay tuned for details of the video World Premiere, coming soon!

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TrEySoNgZ_ChIcK's picture

AHHHHH man tha was like HOT HOT HOT HOT...........wOw.....Grace is very lucky to be so close 2u Baby ahh but ya stilll belong 2me hihi lmao nywayz i cant wait 4da premiere :)..shout out to FAB 2!great lips lol anywyaz......I LOVE U Maine!!!!!!!!!!:):) xxooxxooxxooxxo:D
EssenceM's picture

Very hot video!! dont every girl wish they was Grace?? gorgeous lady by the way... Much love trey i want u to take off my clothes like that!!! lol
addicted.2.sOngz's picture

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! that is soooo friken hot! OMG Gracie has to be one of the luckiest chicks in the world to be filmin that whichu trey!!!! you are so effing gorgeous... hmmm cant wait for the vid!! Nuvo, Trey what can go wrong? lol MWAH keep doing your thing tremaine baby coz dam you good ad it i love you xxoxoxoxoxox
Turquoise_3's picture

Wonderful!! Can't wait to see the premiere.
ms.tremaine aldon neverson's picture

damnn yew nd shawty miqht as well hadd sex.whiich we all know yew diid cause yew dont need to riide of into dha niiqht wiff her after dhat scene wow exclusive vidoe qone be raw.lovee yew trey.Tremaine sounds betta thouqh i bet when yew qettiin it in.lmao.i want somee of dhat(:
lulu919's picture

Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!... Can't wait to see it and see u in concert when u come to FL... jealous of that model!!! lucky girl!!!!
OnlyOneNinjer's picture

I just wanted to say that Tremaine, I appreciate you as an artists. I love your music, its sexy and seductive and REAL R&B!!! You are a success and I wish you much more to come. I love the video and I so wish I was Grace right about now! We see how you get down papi and its HOT!!! Love you always!...oh and follow me OnlyOneNinjer on twitter
T_Kryptonite's picture

It dosen't get any better....unless you come back to TORONTO. Which wll be Nov 20th.
kikicoke's picture

got my fav. song writer/ singer & my fav. rapper together.. it doesnt get any better then this
Trey'sCutie04's picture

Grace is a lucky Chick lol but both video's look hottt I cant wait to see them and the invented sex video will be the best lol I love you Trey Yuuup!!!!
SONGZGIRL1's picture

keep doing what you do baby....always will & always have been a fan from day 1! Love u Trey Baby!! Peace!!
ShaySongz_2's picture

IM CRYING ...trey that was too much wayyyyy too soon ...u were all over her kissin and all that im deeply hurt!!!!!
LEKESHA97's picture

yeah im going to have to download both videos from itunes when they hit! Holla!!!!!!
tammarasears's picture

kikicoke's picture

def. needed to have me in this video
cynthia_15's picture

You are doing what you do best... You are very talented! The Invented Sex video shoot is STEAMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! LOL The doors of opportunity will continue to open for you. This is your season!!!!!!!! Continue to stay HUMBLE and TRUE in everything you do... SHAKE THE HATERS OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!
@idilherzi's picture

Yeaaaaaaaah, Yah dunnoe Songz. I've been waiting on the Invented Sex video. Might I add, the video girl is gorgeous. Great choice. She looks east african. EVERY GIRL THAT LAYS A HAND ON THIS MAN LOOKS EAST AFRICAN. Damnnn, Trey got a lil ting for them east african's. Thank god I can call myself one. Video better be poppin! Sincerely, - That Somali Pirate.
layla_D2BD's picture

Ms. Feisty_2's picture

HMMM........ sweet dreams for me everynight
TWade's picture

Yo Tell me You didn't take her back to the spot...... And Oh you know their not going to go that deep into the video on 106 lol
KiimBerLy-Anna's picture

i knew i should have just went to the cast and call for cant wait for the video...
TooClassy011's picture

omgee cant wait to see the official video dang i wish i was in oh gurl pace she is so lucky luv you trey "muah" :)
CPRETTY's picture

ughh the anticipation of it all is just killing me! it looks to be a promising HIT ! :) can't wait. both Trey and Grace look great .

I can't wait 2 see Trey Songz 2 new music videos! :)
Ms.Irefa's picture

luv trey. but i dont think i wanna c the i invented sex part lol thats too much!!! lol
can'tgetenoughof....mmmm's picture

cant wait.....just watching him is insane......invented sex....omg lucky girl
yoSHORTNESS's picture

can't waaaait!
Ms.Taj's picture

damn tremaine!!!! lmao boy u just made my insides melt lol
A.Noel's picture

Maybe its just me, but I'm not tryin' 2 watch what goes on behind the scenes, especially Trigga rollin' off the set with his co-star. A woman to a celebrity would have to be extremely hard. Signing Off
J0EDAN's picture

lol Trey Songz you wore that shirt to the HOUSTON BET TOUR 2009 concert! i want one like that!



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