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WATCH: Trey Performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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on December 2, 2009 - 9:25am

In case you missed it, click HERE to check out Trey's peformance last night on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Peep the 33:00 min mark to see Trey's performance.

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Tee5's picture

Trey just wanted 2 let u know that u are sexy and 1 fine lookin young man.ur smile is 2 die 4. I think if i have a son i will name him tremaine.
AmberNicole's picture

As expected, you did a great job. You're smile is adorable!!
Mz.songz yuuup's picture

u sound & look gooood ever time love!!!!!
Day Monteiro Brazil's picture

i love it
lilymichelle's picture

You looked amazing:D You sounded amazing, too!
SxyInsideAnOut's picture

I see you on your grown man right now, love the suit...keep doing your thing TRIGGA ;-)
Rolanda4's picture

Great performance.. I love how you look all in the camera for us... That's sexy.. Kisses...
TrEySoNgZ_ChIcK's picture

tha was awesome....another great performance...damn i stayed up late just 4ya!TREMAINE YUUUP:)
GBabeZTreyWifey's picture

when ever you perform it is a beautiful thing..great performance like always


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