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WATCH: Trey Performs at the So Kodak Launch Event in NYC!

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on October 6, 2010 - 9:54am

Trey and Drake performed at last night's So Kodak Campaign launch event in NYC. Check out Trey performing "Love Faces" off the new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE at last night's event in the video above, and check out more pics from the event via and

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SumtnSpecial10's picture

he goes "make some noise for kodak". lol. forget kodak! we here for YOU baby! mwahs. =)
CELLE-CELL's picture

I was so there trey killed it!! I do agree that trey should have gone last. Drake did his thing! don't sleep on drake he's mad talented. That best buy spot is a nice place! keep doing your thing trey stay blessed & who loves you baby??'s picture

I was there and i enjoyed watching trey and drake perform they both did great! :) makes me wanna go out & get a kodak now ! :)
SB_2's picture

Yeah Trey!!! Big things poppin for you!!! I'll have to upgrade our Kodak we have at the house now. May God continue to bless you and watch over you and the crew!
MissKehinde's picture

I was there too!!! I think Trey outperformed Drake...Trey shoulda gone last b/c Drake's performance was mediocre...
Sandra_9's picture

I was in there, got great pics, great video and have an amazing time! Love trigga and his love faces! xoxo!
TashaFearce's picture

I was in the very front...he's so dreamy!!!!! I couldve touched him!!!!
Becky_5's picture

awwww, i wish i wudve been closer to him !!, but still glad i went ! :)
Lady V_2's picture

I was in the building :) ...they both did their thing. Trey looking sexy as always


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