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WATCH: Trey Songz - "Say Aah" ft. Fabolous [Official Video]

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on January 4, 2010 - 10:34am


blank's picture

say hands! yah trey deuce!
Danyale_3's picture

mrworker bee's picture

this is real major for cleveland big ups to yonny on this beat i luv trey he's been the isshh since 05 it's his time to shine, for years to come and what i love most about trey is how humble he is god is first in his life and he let fans know it, and the love that he has for us is so unconditional and that's why so many people is on the 00711 team right now from 05-2-10 he's been here and not going anywhere l luv you trey"the most underrated is the one who make it "stay humble and keep god first he's showing us that he made it(just gotta make it 05)muah much success in 2010...jasmine from cleveland
Ms. Hot Choc's picture

I ? this song?........and most of all the man who is singing it! Luv ya! YUUUP!!
JennyPenny's picture

I can tell u had alot of fun filming this. I love the part in the end when you hold ur chin while you're saying ahhh LOL!!!
connie_6's picture

trey baby honestly idk if u truly read these message if u do their is this little boy on youtube playing the violin to this song hes crazy talented i think u would luv it please check him out luv u. cant wait for ur nxt video.
JennyPenny's picture

Trey I love this song, it looks like you are trying not to laugh in the video though, and you make some funny looks with your eyes lmao...but that's ok you are fiiiineee and I would say AHHH for you baby :-)
Lashawnda_2's picture

This is a hot video i like it
bdazyl_2's picture

Quanna42991's picture

owwww daddy lovedd it
Willams Brazil's picture

Congratulations Trey Songz, Brazil loves you
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

Say Aah!!!! aAaAhhHH.....................Yea Dats De Ish..............
SB_2's picture

Niccce Video Trey! Keep up the good work! You are a mesmerizing black specimen.
Gary Panty-Droppa Craig's picture

man dis video go brutha always doin his thang...yuuup!!!
Mrz_Songzluv10's picture

I love this video Trey you have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen....Love u trey bae all night and all day holla at cha gurl babe..........
Rolanda4's picture

"Yes.. Say Aahhh..." Shout out to FAB.. He's the isshhh... I love the video. I really think Say Aah this could be an ongoing New Years Eve Anthem.. Kisses..
treykereen's picture

well i wud look better
Char_SoSweet's picture

ooh I love the part where you put your index finger over your mouth, now that's sexy. love the video and love you. muaah! P.S LOVE THEM LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Treys_OfficalAngel's picture

I Lyk Da when u saying Say AAH Fab Is In Da bac say AAAAAH LOL that through me of guard LUV YA, TAYLOR
CaramelGoddess1's picture

No surprise I'm realy feeling this video. I love the way you stay with a smile on your face. Juss too damn sexy. Say AHHH
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

Love it!!!
Onyxlibra7's picture

mmmm...mwah!!! Saw this last night on youtube...niiiice. :)
pluv252's picture

With ur talents we can always expect the unexpected. U keep doing ur thang boo and we definitely will keep supportin you. Ya Dig!!
SaSSy AnGeL's picture

Trey songz wifey_8's picture

trey you sexyy

Incomprehensible's picture

i Open wide coz i was thirsty :P and babzzz i love what i see, goood work ! that video gonna be #1 everywhere ;) lookin so fresh& that smilee is killin me LOL ;) cheers from Poland baby muaah
sexynessa_2's picture

I'm loving the video i cant wait untill yo side of the bed music video come out
MusicKid's picture

TremaineOnMyMind's picture

great video though ! lookin sexy like always



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