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What Team Are You On - #TeamSex or #TeamLove?

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on March 23, 2012 - 11:55am

Click HERE to let @TreySongz know what team you are on - #TeamSex or #TeamLove... Watch Trey's new "Sex Ain't Better Than Love" video and tweet why you think sex is better than love - or why love is better than sex....

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I would rather have #TeamLove because sex comes and goes. Love will always be there through thick and thin and ups and down.
Stacy b.s.'s picture

el amor implica Sentimientos,,Preocupacion,,Deseos,Cuidados,Perdonar,Crear,Experiencias que jamás se olvidan,,aveces Buenas y otras veces Malas,es algo Físico,Emocional,,Intenso,Profundo,alcanza niveles de emoción increiblemente fuera de orbita,,es algo Mágico,,Extraordinario,Sensacional,,y Placentero,e Ilimitado... Mientras que el sexo,,para mi ,,tan solo implica algo Físico y si, tambien sientes emociones pero son Limitadas...
Stacy b.s.'s picture

#team love, cuz we aint got nothing without love... Stacy b.s.
MsJones's picture

#TeamLove doesn't really mean anything ... love means so much more <3<3<3
SagiTopaz's picture

I would rather have #TeamLove...bc sex comes and goes love will always be there through thick and thin and ups and downs.
tomiko's picture

I'M #TeamLove because, I want to be with you for a LIFETIME and not just a NOTCH on your bed headboard!
sexy_quett's picture

i would rather have love... and the reason why is no matter what you and that specail person goes through they're always gonna have that effect that no one else can have on you, and it effects everything in you not just on your mind and your body but on your heart, spirt, and soul too. When i think about how my grand parents stayed together over 40 years, that makes me want a love like that for myself..... and to all the lovers out there. if you put god first and help eachother along the way there's not an opstical you can't overcome. be encouraged and be blessed. #TEAM LOVE<3
mariama linda's picture

lust is touching bodies, but love is toouching the souls # Team Love
ms.neverson ♥ ♥ ♥'s picture

Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

#Team Love all da way! It's more special and meaningful.
Trey_dnt_judgeshowmeloveee's picture

#teamlove bkuzz when you love you have sex lol jk #teamlove bkuzz wen Trey says it , it makes it beatiful and heartwarming
trey_kisses28's picture

Both #teamlove ~n~ #teamsex
treysbiggestfanever's picture

Team love
daisy_11's picture

Mimi_20's picture

Team love all day. It is so beautiful how trey portrayed the progression of love. There's nothing better then being in love and creating together. #teamlove
mekaloves86's picture

Whelp like everyone else said #TeamLove there is nothing like it :)
mrs.biggestfan's picture

#TeamLove all my day and everyday ok!!!!
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

#TeamLove Babyyyyyyy!!!!! *with some sex in there of course...lolol*
babyyee10's picture

#TeamLove All day everyday!!!
quintesiajones's picture

#TeamLove All Day:-)
vbryan's picture

#teamlove no doubt
Alicia Adelusi's picture

#Team love


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