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WORLD PREMIERE: Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

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on August 2, 2010 - 7:59pm

Listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of the new single "Can't Be Friends" in the audio player above! "Can't Be Friends" is off of Trey's highly anticipated new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order the new album plus get exclusive bundle offers only available on! Get your copy NOW!

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christine_9's picture

i love ur music!!!!!!!11111
mjjsdbrown's picture

I Love this song. I loved it when you performed it here in Dallas too. I know it will get much play on my Ipod...Can't wait to get my hands on this alblum! I wish you much success and I'm hoping you win a Grammy.
Tasha_35's picture

I love "Can't be Friends" I can so relate to that song....DAMN! I will be picking up "Passion, Pain, and Pleasure" September 14, 2010!!!!!!! I so excited!!!!!!!!!! Love the new look of the website!
Sexilightmomma's picture

I love u sooo much Trey Songz along with the music u bring to ears! I can re-late to this song n am looking forward to adding this cd to the rest of cd's i have n i all most have all even ur mix tape! yes a die heart fan> Well keep up the GREAT work Love u boo
Meghan Nicole's picture

Trey i love your music. I deffinitely see your growth with every album, ive been a fan since "Just Gotta Make It". I will continue to be a fan because your music is fresh and different and i like that. I Cant wait till sept 14th for " Passion Pain & Pleasure", got a chance to listen to a couple of songs and i have to say this album is the absolute best. Wish you much success Trey in all you do. Keep up the good work love you.
Lady-M's picture

Trey, I am loving the song. You have never disappointed me from beginning to current. You continue to grow and keep me (amongst others) smiling and wanting more. You are still number one on my cd rotation. Keep up the good work :-)
shanna_6's picture

Nicholeje's picture

Omg, Trey I think u have out done urself on this one! I so Loving It..............
SAM I AM's picture

im lovin it! smooth song :-)
luvintreysongzonly's picture

reminds me of me and u daddie......can't wait to get my premium package.....hope im one of the 1st one so i can get a signed autographed picture of u....i love u daddie.....
Marina_3's picture

beautiful song & perfect work Trey!!! i like it even more than Ready to make love, One love & Last time...... what can i say... i like everythin you do. i dream to listen your live concert!!!!!!!! i know english not well to tell you about all emotions i feel with your wonderful voice, songs & video.... Trey - you are the best & my numba 1 male singer!!!! ))) i love you!!
naturalgoddess's picture

Great job Trey! This song is smooth a butta and sweet as honey. Keep making songs like this. R&B needs male artists like you who understand love and the true art of music.
SweettotheTaste's picture

Hello, Tremayne this song flows like water through a stream, you have begun to develop youe creative side as your getting your grown man side as welll. You are truly a gifted artist as well as a writer and singer. You are a genuine guy and you seem to be a man of humilty as well, the moment series, the 3rd album coming up, the multiplatinum artist records selling, the rocawear creations, your famly contributions., love the fact that you love family, the ones you love (beautiful) I have my purchase on smash for the 14th of september, you are manifesting before your fans eyes, and I think it is truly wonderful. I cannot wait for this album to be released and hit the stores the record sells for you are going to be phenomenal. Trey I am a true fan of your and I hope you actually reply or read these comments. But 8053350051, Cute need a new number the messages in their are so interesting how oyu record and just pass it on and for a fan to leave you a message and we get back a voice message that is just bananas. I love you truly as a fan and you enjoy your life and I wish you all he best and you mom is a wonderful person and remember you are blessed. Peace !
Lady V28's picture

It just get better and better each song Trey continue to write and sing. Every song he sing I can really say that I connect with the words he's singing and I have been through some type of phrase that's been a small part that he's been going through. Also I know that I will continue to learn and go through struggles but I know Trey will always be with me. "Can't be Friends" is a great single and I want to let you know Trey that your really going far in life and I will be there every step of the way. I LOVE YOU!!!
Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

you always take the words right out my mouth with your lyris in your songs trey. i really can relate to you for real. you the illest and doing your thing and i'm really happy for you man... i support you all the way through the ups and down one love & i pray to Jesus Christ my lord and savior that you continue to be blessed
InvincibleAngel's picture

Living the life I have, listening to Trey since I was 19 yrs old, got me through a lot. Made me believe that someday it might be possible to find love or love find me. His voice, his ora, his spirit I can literally feel it in my mind, heart and soul. "Can't be Friends" It just gets better. I feel this song so much, its deep, I have been here ... wishing it didn't happen cuz it ruined the dream, the fantasy and possibly respect. Then I sit and think what if it really never happened, then what? I never believed in love, my dad left how cld any man love if he can't love his daughter. Then Tremaine came along, and lit up my life again just with his words and voice... To have an impact on someone's life like that, Just letting you know you are love Mr. Songz, You know who this is... get at me. Thank You... Luv
Ms.PrettyBlack's picture

Thank Trey for your time I love it so super hot come back to Memphis,Tn call me sometime baby I got you.Ms.PrettyBlack
Anne B's picture

I really love this song sometimes i really feel trey songz is in my head writing what i'm feeling i've been on the website so much just so i can listen to it i can't wait for the album even though i know it will come when i was on holiday............. and to carry this song around with me all the time on my ipod man trey is a very very talented young man
JesusIsMySavior's picture

On they want to know if you think this song is hot or not?
shanna_6's picture

LUh bOOKiE_BRi's picture

LOVe THe SONg..HOPe He SiNGZ iT AT THe CONCeRT...CANT WAiT..{{8~14~10}}.!!!
AVA_3's picture

Tre' lovin the fact that your music is growing w/ you---thanks for the addition...can't wait 'til the premier of the Bottoms Up video...that song has got my imagination going crazy. Oh yeah--the Miami location for the video shoot is perfect--Dueces
faveglam's picture

Oh Trey this song is amazing!!!! It brought tears to my eyes. What he sings about is soo relateable. I been in this situation in the past. Thanks Trey for giving us songs like this one...
TrudyYuuup♥.'s picture

This song made me so emotional.. Beautiful song Trey!
ilouvetreysongz's picture

ohh my sheezus this song is jus amazing the beat is perfect the song is jus perfect i cant wait to get this album!! amazing music amazing baby is gnna be around for a while! mwahh xoxoxox
misstrey_4's picture

this song is the best ever love u trey
LesibooBabe's picture

Love This Songgg!!!
Diva219's picture

Sooo, if my ex could hear this song, he would dedicate it to me. sad commentary... I have listened to it at least 10 times already.
icanmakeya's picture

I love this song!!!!!!!!!
Ms_WatChuTalkin's picture

omg trey looked amazing loved watching you!!!!



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