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  • Jun 4, 2014

    Trey Songz lets us know what his “Foreign” remix featuring Justin Bieber sounds like and how they got together to do the track. Check out the MTV News exclusive to hear more about the new track in the video below!

  • Jun 2, 2014

    Get your first listen to Trey’s new song “What’s Best For You” in the player above! Get an instant download of "What's Best For You" when you pre-order Trey's new album TRIGGA on iTunes - you'll also get an instant download of "Na Na", "SmartPhones" and the new tracks "Foreign" and "Change Your Mind" HERE.

    “What’s Best For You” is off of Trey’s highly anticipated new album TRIGGA - available in stores and online 7/1/14!

  • Jun 2, 2014

    Trey has officially revealed the deluxe track listing for his highly anticipated new album TRIGGA! Check out the full track listing below. TRIGGA arrives in stores and online July 1st!