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My Shirt came all jacked up

Sade Young's picture
on Feb 5, 2012 - 06:06PM

I ordered the  Angel's Off The Shoulder Fashion Tee, and the way this shirt look is very unacceptable I  would appreciate if you guys replace this shirt with one I could actually wear. I purchased this shirt with the intentions of wearing it on March 8, 2012 to Trey's ATL concert. 

Problem #1: There is a dark square on the top front of the shirt. 

Problem #2: Its discolored and the Trey's Angel logo is cracking.
Any one else having or has had this problem let me knw..
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Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Thats how my shirt looks as well and i believe that square is from the trey songz tag, i had that same problem when i received my first shirt, then i was told it is supposed to look like that

Sade Young's picture

I hope so i just received a email saying that is the was it supposed to be but that dnt explain y i have a dark square n the middle of my shirt..'s picture

When I got my Top of the World shirt. It had a return label stating that if anything was wrong to send it back. Now if it will get back to you before March 8th I don't know. They are good about making things right.