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Angel Mission during Movie Premiere Weekend in LA

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on Jan 16, 2012 - 01:39PM

Greetings Angels! The time has come again for another Angel Mission. A group of angels and myself have decided to plan an Angel Mission in October during the weekend of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Movie Premiere in Los Angeles, California. Of course we all know that Trey has a starring role in this movie and many angels are planning to be there that weekend in support of our favorite male r&b artist. We are making plans months in advance for this mission so that it will be just as successful as the mission we did in New Orleans during the Essence Music Festival weekend, and we invite angels worldwide to participate. For planning purposes we would like to know how many angels live in the area or who plan to travel to LA for the movie premiere, and would like to participate in the mission. We will keep a list of your names and emails so that we can keep you updated in the months ahead. Send an email with your full name and any questions to Thank you for your participation and we look forward to meeting more angels for another successful mission, and another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.



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FeeninForThatTreyLove's picture

I think that's a great idea . If only I could travel that far I would come , but i WILL go and see the movie of course

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Now that's agreat idea....I would definitely still go even if the premiere is not there. Will definitely be trying to work some things out to go the end of the week. Don't think I will be able to do the whole week.

kekemisscarnell's picture

im sending my info i just hope it wont be the same week for Mardi Gras though...

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Great Idea! Please keep me posted email twitter-@SmileyTriece89

cthomas823's picture

sending now

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i will do that

lil_ma_mw03's picture

Im in for the week

Chrissy_On_Ice's picture

I will do that now

DtownCougar's picture

Depends on what week in Feb cuz my son bday is the 5th

Renea B's picture

That sounds great!

MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

Sound Nice Im Living in new york and i would deff love to go email me all tha details and further information and my twitter is @QuotesAreUss Thankxx

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This is a great idea I'm game for this if it's not too much defintely keep me posted my twitter is @Brooklynsma or email me at We The Best at what we do.I love being an angel......

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Sounds pretty cool!

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The other thing we found out is that movie premiers usually take place during the week, so since TCM3D comes out on a Friday, were anticipating the premier to take place on that Tuesday or Wednesday before Oct 5th, so our plan was for everyone to arrive either Sunday or Monday (Oct 1st or 2nd) and we hang out, do the mission on Saturday and then depart Sunday (Oct 7th) and as a sidenote, October will be breast cancer awareness month so we might can find something to do to coincide with that :)

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Me and some other Angels had been talking about doing this late last year. At the time, we asked Jojo and Cici and they had no info yet on when and where the premier would be. We decided that we still all wanted to meet up anyway and would still be going to Cali in Oct and staying for a week at the most. We wanted to do an Angel M&G and Mission while we were there and then if the actual premier wasn't there we were all just gonna catch the midnight showing of the movie at a local theatre. I know some Angels didnt like the idea of going to LA if the premier wasnt there but we wanted to make it about more than the chance of seeing/meeting Trey and more about meeting/hanging out with each other and a lot of us have never been to Cali before but have always wanted to go.

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I'm down!!! the more I think about it, the more this could be a wonderful experience

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I'm very interested in this and think it's a wonderful idea. You've got my support!

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Soooo have you guys found out the date of the actual movie premiere and if LA is for sure gonna have a premiere? lol I live in LA and ive been to bundles of premieres but ive also seen some movies skip LA and go straight to NY for premieres.'s picture

I want to attend & if it is affordable, i would love to participate in the mission & the premiere :) keep me posted

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South African Angels are coming, you best believe that...see you Angels in October #cantwait

Ms_Neek19's picture

i will try my best to make it

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Im going!! Pls attend ladies so tht we can make this successful!!

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I would love to. Just keep me updated with a few more details and I will able to tell you if I have to the funds or not

DeeRae's picture

I would love to attend, but i cannot. I will definetly be supporting him here in Houston tho

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I am down!!!!!! This is what we are made to do. What better waay to rep for Trey by being at the the premiere and doing a mission to show the world that his fans have a heart of Gold and we support our fav in Anything he does!!!!

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keep me twiitter @bballmypassion follow me

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I won't be able to attend.

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Keep me informed #PrettyAngel @SantriseLove's picture

I won't be able to attend also, but I will be supporting Trey by attending the movie when it does hit the theaters here in NY! good luck with your mission guys! :)

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I won't be able to attend. I live in Maryland and that's a bit far to travel. Myself and other DMV Angels will attend here, locally. Thanks for the great idea though! :)