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New Yorkers For Children & IKEA at the ACS Children’s Center

New Yorkers For Children & IKEA at the ACS Chi...
Posted by Webcrew 3 years 4 months ago in Official

Check out to help kids in foster care

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mz.lovebug's picture

awwwww trey i love to see u so happy all the time

Aaliyah 1treysongzfan's picture

ehh my man at work!

Boricua mami's picture

It's a blessing to have some one that has been blessed give back to the children. Keep doing your thing papi, I have a few things at home that can use your fixing:)

treysongzprincess's picture

sexi and a hard worker!!!!!!!!

Jaz5star's picture

i luv a man dat can work

b-day on feb 7's picture

Work it trey.!!!! N lookn good while you doing your thng. Lols

sheretteg's picture

good job trey :)

Cookie_3's picture

i love the fact that ur so involved wit the community. Keep doing u!

-KooLaiid's picture

-Aw Trey Songz Luk So Handsom && Sexyy...Luv Yhu Trey....!!!

miss yuuuuuuuup's picture

workin man love it lol



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