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Atlantic Records's picture Trey Songz Talks Complex Fashion Shoot and Musical Influences

on Apr 12, 2010 - 07:27PM

When Tremaine Neverson, better known to us as Trey Songz, dropped his debut album Just Gotta Make It back in 2005, many decided he would be the one out of the other two R&B newcomers (Chris Brown and Ne-Yo) to fall to the wayside. And we couldn’t really blame them. Despite a strong single, dude didn’t dance, wasn’t penning smash hits for pop artists, and he favored baggy jeans and Timbs over fitted denim and tailored shirts.

But looky here. Five years later, Trey is all but running R&B.

Atlantic Records's picture Exclusive: Trey Songz Eyeing September 14 Release Date For New Album

on Apr 8, 2010 - 11:08AM

How may ladies want to come home with Trigga ... again? Trey Songz is returning with a new album this fall, according to his manager, Kevin Liles.

"September 14th, new album. He's not gonna stop," Liles said last week during a sit-down with MTV News to promote Def Jam Rap Star. "He's gonna keep his foot on people's necks, and he's going to make sure they understand that we have to redefine R&B. We have to go work hard every single day to be the best."

Liles, a record executive with Def Jam and Warner Music Group, decided to come out of the "big suite" last year to concentrate on other

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An Inside Look At Trey Songz' New 'MTV Unplugged' Performance

on Apr 5, 2010 - 12:37PM

Standing underneath the intense wattage of the hanging lights at Manhattan's NEP Studio 33, Trey Songz wiped himself down several times. But it wasn't just the bulbs that were making him sweat; he was also perspiring from a showstopping visceral performance.

Trey crooned, flirted and even got tearful at one point during the recording of his "MTV's Unplugged" on Thursday, April 1, set to premiere April 26 on

The lanky singer, dressed in designer jeans, a slim-fitting leather jacket and a crisp, white V-neck T-shirt, selected a young lady from the crowd and asked, "Can I sing to you,

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*Updated* Caption It: "Say Aah" Style

on Apr 1, 2010 - 04:46PM

Photo Credit: Kari Culver

*We've selected our favorite caption!

Girl open up your mouth and "SAY AAH" and after I give you that "JUPITER LOVE" you would think "I INVENTED SEX" So just "HOLLA IF YOU NEED ME' cuz this aint no "LOL SMILEY FACE" This right heres a "PANTY DROPPA!!!" - via BeauTiFullBrii

Thanks to all who commented, and keep it locked on to for the new giveaway, coming soon! *

This lucky lady got to "Say Aah" with Trey at his sold-out show in NYC. Caption the pic above in the comment section below and we'll pick our favorite to receive a signed copy of READY!

Atlantic Records's picture On the Scene - Trey Songz

on Mar 29, 2010 - 01:49PM

After wrapping the final date on the "BP3" tour at The Pearl Theater at The Palms, Trey Songz celebrated by hosting and performing at Eva Longoria Parker's nightclub Eve in Las Vegas on Saturday (March 27). View the full post at