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Gotta Go

Gotta Go

Posted by Trey Songz 4 years 9 months ago in Music Videos

Trey Songz- Gotta Go #ChapterV

Average: 4.9 (47 votes),AAAAABRLSKk~,dbvviZzv6JWE9Hl85aCvh931v2fJvJJb&bctid=1456378811001
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on July 24, 2009 - 2:45pm
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Trey Songz- Gotta Go #ChapterV

Average: 4.9 (47 votes)
BrightCove URL:,AAAAABRLSKk~,dbvviZzv6JWE9Hl85aCvh931v2fJvJJb&bctid=1456378811001


SophiaMichael's picture

SOO SEXYYYYY!!! :) xxxxx

Ms.Garuba's picture

he is so sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nyny_56676's picture

Out of all of the songs u have made, I say this is my favorite song. That nd some other songs but I cnt name them all. lolz

STARR LUVV's picture

i luvv this songz

purduegirly's picture

aw man i luv this vid. it look & sounds better every time i see it. when u in the all white performance scene it reminds me of a better version of that deangelo vid. (he was chocolate, u caramel, he was naked, u had on clothes, he had cute braids, u had sexy braids,) i kinda likes how the two leaves jus cam out of nowhere fallin dwn ur sidesz

gottaLUVtrey's picture

yESS.. ii Love thiiS sONg sO muChhh..
tO me ii ReaLly dO thiiNk thiiS iis A classiiC.
alWays dODO

lilymichelle's picture

Dangelo lookin ass. LOL jk, not really.

Joseph Brooks Jr's picture

Now HOMMIE dis joint right hear is straight ALABAMA, at dis pics heir time I was in Alabama at Tuskegee University. I really Love DIS joint, NO PUNN Intended. Joe Joe Live from Detroit HOLLA

malka nagash's picture

Loove u!
u took my breath away
Sexy Tremaine

kells_4's picture

dis song took my breath away Tremaine u need to come Trinidad, u'll hav no need to go to da streets


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