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Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    Nov 25, 2010

    Happy Thanksgiving From Trey!

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on Nov 25, 2010 - 11:01AM
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Happy Thanksgiving From Trey!

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i am addict to him i cant stop looking at him and cant stop listening to his music I LOVE YOU TREY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO THE TOP AND FROM MY HEART TO THE MOON ALL THE WAY BACK AND BEYYOND THAT -----A FAN SINCE 2003 <3-------

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happy thanksgiving to you too husbann imu

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Happy Thanksgiving to you baby !!!!

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So sweet of you! Thanks Trey and Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I really hope you get to enjoy a day off with your family and friends and that you get lots and LOTS of rest and sleep.

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ily trey


love you babes!!

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I LOVE every song of trey. love everything bout u and wouldn't change a thing...Hope u will one day come to dubai... love u always

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I'm a very recent fan of yours.Came across the song Black Roses.Great song!
You're a good guy, easy going and funny. Wish you all the best.God bless you and your mama.
Take care now.

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aww trey baby!

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thanks to you trey,,for giving us your sensual voice and talent in this tipe off,and peaces...

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love your trigga trey mixtape keep up the good work trey love
yuuuup :)

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