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Trey Songz - Hail Mary ft. Young Jeezy and Lil' Wayne [Official Video]


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on Aug 21, 2012 - 01:13AM


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Damn tremaine help me stretch out any day lol jk but keep that fire ass music coming love

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Hey trey u can always help me stretch baby!! Haha

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Love this video. Trey looks yummy as usual, and it was fun to watch. :)

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hey huddle up HAIL MARY!!

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I love this video

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love this video... nothing but laughs. LMfaoo @ Stevie J. Trey baby you look so damn sexy luv you baby. Shout out to da 305. Why wasn't back home when this was shot... :(

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Kevin Hart in this video is hilarious. & Trey looks gorgeous as usual <3

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I love this video, its very funny! :D Kevin Hart kills me!

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Hail Mary

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Trey looks so handsome in this video. I love it oh so much. I'm so proud of your success baby! Congratulations!!! By the way, you and Kevin Hart are too much. Ya'll two together is nothing but hilarious moments. Love you.

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YO this is crazy funny least favorite song on the cd, video was funny tho... LMAO, Josaline & Stevie j ass, smh... Mad funny :)

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this was funny

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love the video

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love the video u kno i support u all day everyday love kevin hart with is crazy ass only thing i didnt like was stevie j n josaline say wat u wont i keeps it 1000% aint finna be fake ...but other than that great video booskie muah xoxo make sure yall go cop his new album in stores today n u can also get it at CitiTrends

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trey did his thang !!!! love the idea for the video,trey allllll day

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I love the vid. Still cracking up at Kevin Hart, Joseline, and Stebie J. lmao... Chapter V lovit

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I love this video. Trey was so funny in the beginning, getting Kevin Hart's team to hug him, then he yelled "Team Songz!" Aww, you didn't have to push Kevin like that. LOL . Glad you teamed up with Jeezy and Wayne on this one. The song is a hit. And having Stevie J and Joseline at the end just did it for me. Great Job Trey! And I love the album, too. Chapter V baby!!!!