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Trey Songz - Never Again [Official Video]


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on Nov 21, 2012 - 05:19PM


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love this song

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Amo,amo,amo essa música, linda!

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love it xo

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in lov with da song@@ i tunes

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I love this song so much
It makes think that it was made 4 me lol

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I wish I can watch him perform live...

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no offence but I 'm not feelin the song, video, or location, but i still love you trey!

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Yeah!! I think its that girl from the simply Amazing video too but idont think so.

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i love it but i love all ur music shit i love anything that gotta do with trey<3

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Alot of Trey's songs and videos make me extremely emotional. I cried like a baby watching Your Side Of The Bed. I cried during his New Years Eve Performance (long story)lol- and I was sad watching this. I felt that tightening in my stomach when something touches me. His music reaches people like no other. As much as we love him, one day someone will be lucky enough to have him and make him happy. We can't all have him at once, unfortunately lol. Still- this video makes me want to give him a huge hug.

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I love the video concept for this song. It makes me want Trey to really find a true love of his own and be happy. This video has me feeling a certain type of way for Trey; I want him to be happy. He has so many loving fans but he seems lonely at the same time. Praying for him always though. #AllegantAngel.

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BUFF Video... Is That Not The Same Girl From Simply Amazing? x

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I really love the video it is just unbeliveabel ....

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Love it

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simply amazing................ like it

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i Love it..

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I love this song/video. It puts you in a place of how is feeling and makes you feel exactly how he feels. I love you Trey Songz. I can not wait to see you December 16th in Baltimore♥

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The video treatment is perfect for this song. Great job.

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I like this. Never thought I would because I don't listen to Pop often, but this is so sentimental, and haunting that you can't help but reminisce and feel sad about what did not fully come to be. The tune is catchy and keeps popping up in my head. Congrats Trey.

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I really love this song ! It's my Favorite, and this is a beautiful video ! I love you Trey cause in this song you said what I'm feeling.

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i love trey sooooooo much

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This is a very beautiful video, but it made me so sad cause I know exactly what you are talking about and showing in this video.

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Awww, he is so beautiful. Words can't explain how much I love you Trey!!! My heart, body and soul feel every part of you!!

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What can I say, the "Never Again" video is "Simply Amazing", it makes me want to "Dive In" to Chapter V over and over again. Trey Songz looked so BOMB in that video it almost gave me a "Heart Attack" and (excuse my language) made my "Panty Wetter"!!! Ok, I think you got the point!!! LOL

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#yeah never again <3**

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Love it .. Never fails to disappoint

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i like this video a lot

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AWESOME..I love trey he is so sweet.....

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Aww man this video was so awesome and the fact that I'm from philly and I mused you spring it makes me sad!!!! This sucks for me!!!!!!:) :'(