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Trey Songz - Never Again [Official Video]


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on Nov 21, 2012 - 05:19PM


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Such a sweet video,Trey, that was shot in my hometown - Philly. Awesome! When did you shoot it? I just moved away from there at the end of August. If I knew you were coming there to make this vid, I would have put up with everyone's crap for a little bit longer before I blew that place, just to get a glimpse of you and your luscious self. I'm assuming that the plan to go there wasn't announced, or it would have looked like Woodstock at the bottom of the art museum steps. But see, me Trey, I would have known you were there because my elbows would have told me. They would have tingled just like they do when you login to TAN. Aaahhhhh...

Wow! This thing gives 2,000 characters and I could use every dang one and still wish I had more. But I'm going to reserve myself for now and just say that you have blown past all the other entertainers who I thought were my favorites. I am overwhelmed by you. Your voice, songwriting abilities, that face, that body, the way you dress, ohhh...Trey and I bet you smell divine. Mmmmm... Your beautiful personality and caring nature caps everything off perfectly.

The Angels are here holding things down for you. Have a fabulous time on the road. We miss you, Daddy.

~ Love from YOUR AngelSuPreme :* :* :*

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I like the video and the song. Its very touching yet a little sad knowing that you will never again be in the arms of each other.