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Trey Songz - One Love

Trey Songz - One Love

Posted by Webcrew 4 years 4 months ago in Music Videos

Trey Songz - "One Love"

Average: 4.9 (171 votes),AAAAABRLSKk~,dbvviZzv6JWE9Hl85aCvh931v2fJvJJb&bctid=54313770001
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on December 7, 2009 - 5:19pm
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Trey Songz - "One Love"

Average: 4.9 (171 votes)
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daniibabiie's picture

u are all i need and ill never let i am x2 im ur girl... one mind one heart one love
ill always luv u kepp doin wat u doin cause its workin
i luv ur voice i luv ur everything

TremaineNeversonGotMe Addicted's picture

Trey, you are all i need & i 'll never let go ! damn . you are truely blessed . each time i hear yur voice, it sends chills dwn my spin and it places a smile on my face . i honestly think yur perfect ! who in the game is better then you right now ? nobody ! you bring something new and unique to yur music and yur videos. From day one, i have loved you n till this day, i love you. this song touches me, as does all of your other songs . Your voice . Your smile . Your dimples . Your Body . Your Style . Your Swace . Everything abt you is amazing . Tremaine Neverson Def. Got Me Addicted . One Mind . One Heart. One Love !!

H3@RT BR3@K3R's picture

This video gives me chills mainly cuz trey

trey love's picture

this the song every time i look at this i feel like cryin but im excited at the same time i have your album ...and i would like to meet u in personsome day that is well keep doin what u do best makein them songz because you are trey songz

MzShyTownDva's picture

What can I say? Trey is DA MAN. But I was really feelin the band on this joint!

Tinkyy's picture

beautiful. absolutely amazingg.

LaLa Flores's picture

You got skills boy.I can't say theres one Trey Songz song that I can't get down to.Much love.

Sweetheart2011's picture


TreysWifers_318's picture

only if iwas older
ily trey dnt worry i be 18 next year lol

jeananroses's picture

onlly if I were younger


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