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Yo Side Of The Bed

Yo Side Of The Bed

Posted by Atlantic Records 3 years 11 months ago in Music Videos

Yo Side Of The Bed

Average: 4.8 (96 votes),AAAAABRLSKk~,dbvviZzv6JWE9Hl85aCvh931v2fJvJJb&bctid=1551024560001
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on May 26, 2010 - 8:00pm
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Yo Side Of The Bed

Average: 4.8 (96 votes)
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treys 1 fan's picture

o.m.g like this video iz so sad their baby is to cute lol nd aww keri i love you girl yu really did ya thing yu had it gud too. trey im glad yu made a video to this song this iz the shit and i love yu to boo im srry fuh wat yu had to go thru

Shelly_YuuuP's picture

This video had me cryin...made me think of how my g ma felt when she heard that news about her son in the 70s! Grreat video connection! Follow me on Twitter Chelle_Cheriece

Joseph Brooks Jr's picture

Now dis JOINT right here is really deep, becaus I am in the MILITARY and that could happen to me. That's why I stay PRAYERFUL. Your Old Boy Joe Joe from da "D"

a1c ransom's picture

ok i loved this song before i seen the video. bmt buddy told me to watch it so i told my roommate to watch it also we all just was crying like punks lol. im deploying this year so it really hit me. But i still love this video. its the video of the year i think. thanks trey

akwheryus's picture

I was brought to tears. You have successfully illustrated a fear I live with daily. My fiance' is away for 7 monhs defending our nation against pirates. I pray i never get that knock on the door. I miss him so much. Pray for us all. God bless you, Trey!

Mrs. TreyNeverson's picture

wow dis video is amazing trey and keri did their thing...but wen i first saw it was so reminded me of 2 of my friends kiara and mike...i thought of them cuz kiara's bf and mike's gf are goin into da service and kiara and mike still gotta another year in high skool and rite be4 we got out 4 summer break all 3 of us was just talkin bout stuff like dis...and i was like i dont see how yall do it i would go crazy thinkin bout wat would happen 2 dem y dey was goin

nickshoucair's picture

i love this song and the video is so freakin sad i got goose bumps and dame neared cried...this is so good

shaylee's picture

i love trey he is soo amazing,this video made me cry when he started crying.uh i dont like to see people hurtin like that.

Triecepooh's picture

This video was like bittersweet in a sense. I understood the messages behind it and I love the fact that I got to see a sweeter and softer side to Trey, not just sexual and that makes me love him even more not just as an artist but as a person. Keep up the excellent work Trey! I will definitely be voting for this video and continuing to support you.

brittneytreyswifey10's picture

no, ITSSAnniebabes*ILOVETREY26*

il est tresss beau, tu es WRONG. j'adore trey et tu peux BACK OFF.

with love, brittney NEVERSON


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