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Yo Side Of The Bed

Yo Side Of The Bed

Posted by Atlantic Records 3 years 10 months ago in Music Videos

Yo Side Of The Bed

Average: 4.8 (96 votes),AAAAABRLSKk~,dbvviZzv6JWE9Hl85aCvh931v2fJvJJb&bctid=1551024560001
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on May 26, 2010 - 8:00pm
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Yo Side Of The Bed

Average: 4.8 (96 votes)
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ITSSAnniebabesILOVETREY26's picture

beauutiful video from a beautiful man
if only i could meet trey songz

its my life goal

RachMon's picture

Aww that was so sad!!!!!! I wasn't expexting that!!!! Love you Trey!!!!

tanisha_7's picture

i love the video but it is very sad it made cry and think about the good time and the bad time.

TaliaLondon's picture

This song is beautiful!...i already knew that from a loong time ago...but its the video that had me in favourite video so far!...Well done to the acting also...very real x

Machela04's picture

this sng is soo sad it brings back so many good and bad memories i cry everytime i hear it!! youu did a great jib with this one!!! two thumbs upp!!!!

Mrs._Trey-Songz_'s picture

OMG!!!! This song is so sad. When I first heard about this song and that Keri Hilson was playing the part of his Wife, I didn't like it. But when I watched it, I wanted to cry. She did a good job. Seeing Trey play his role as a Father and a Husband was so sad. He was stressed out, and seeing that mad me want to cry then too But anyway I love Trey Songz with all my heart. YUUUP!!! He is THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH!!! I will personally give him that title.

prettigurl16_2's picture

i love this song and video........ keep up the good work.

ileana's picture

trey that is a beautiful song and like always so sexyyyy

Traci's picture

From the mindset of a female soldier presently serving in Mosul, Iraq, this is REAL. Big Upz to Trey Songz.

Trigga'zz Babee's picture

U da One !! U always AMAZE me !!
Great job wid dat song ... Damn love iiit !!


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