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Release date: 
Jul 1, 2014


innocentia's picture

wow hay trey, this is the boom, every song in this album is super love it, u said it all in this one. love u

Kiki2121's picture

My Favorite Album .... Period. I have to put it on shuffle because i cant never make up my mind on which song i wanna hear and I love the Target Bonus Tracks on the Album!! Congratulations on this album being #1!! I LOVE U TREY!!!

justylee's picture

i seriously love the album. it's cool and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slim78's picture

Keep up the good work im in love with this album I have it on repeat all day and night

shangurl's picture

So I can only get hard to walk away and sneaky if I buy the cd at target that's lame please put it on iTunes there my favorite songs

UnCommonAngel's picture

This Ablum right here is on Fire It's finally here @TreySongz 6th album #Trigga GOT GET IT!!!! #treysongz #treysangels

tamarahshivers's picture

congrats on the 6th album Trey. I can not wait to get my album and listen to it even more. heard some of the song an i love them so much