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Trey Featured in GQ Magazine - On Stands Now!

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  • Trey Featured in GQ Magazine - On Stands Now!

    Head over to your newsstands now to pick up the March 2012 issue of GQ Magazine - which features an 8 page - YES 8 page fashion spread featuring Trey! Get a peek at the issue below, and pick up your copy now!

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on February 16, 2012 - 6:42pm

Head over to your newsstands now to pick up the March 2012 issue of GQ Magazine - which features an 8 page - YES 8 page fashion spread featuring Trey! Get a peek at the issue below, and pick up your copy now!

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me718's picture

I can be silent no more. I have to agree with most of the responders that the clothing choices are a bit weak. Fashionista I definitely am NOT but I know what I like on a man. Nonetheless, I will support Trey and cop the issue.
Jenn's picture

i luv yu treyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jenn's picture

i agree purple pants gotta go
B0ssyChiQ06's picture

Just get rid of the purple pants...
Numba1Hon's picture

Well look this a new way. Trey probably has fans, family, friends and personal and business associates in the LBGTQ community and they need love too. Shout out to the LBGTQ’s. Trey probably says all of us nuccas is crazy and at this point in time, he don’t give a F*ck what anybody thinks. He knows what he is. LMAO. I don’t like the pink/lavender/purple pants on him either, but I bought the magazine and I love most of the looks.
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

The outfit is cool except those damn purple pants!!!! WTH??? WHAT'S SO GQ ABOUT THEM? I was ready to see him in a fitted suit like he always do when he dress up.
YuppImYourGirl's picture

Actually now that I look at the picture.. the only thing I like about the picture is Trey.. the whole outfit is horrible.. from the shoes to the vest, the purple pants, and even the button up under the vest..
YuppImYourGirl's picture

What is up with the purple pants.. Those are awful... SMDH!!!!
Ms Matara's picture

not a fan of tht outfit particularly those pants but he looks nice. =)
Ms Matara's picture

traycamp's picture

don't like the purple pants
Mshicks2u's picture

I am truly not a fan of this look but if there is anyone who could take this disaster of an outfit and make it look sexy as hell it is him. I can't wait to buy it just because he could be in trashbag and still look incredible.
B0ssyChiQ06's picture

This whole fits make him look gay..Why would they do that to him..They are trying to make him appeal to both the woman and the gay men...Love You Trey but bad look..SMH
TriggaLILangel's picture

LOL aw my boo rockin' pink/purple pants :)...
Trey'sAngelMichelle's picture

I can't say that I like the jeans but the rest looks great!
JayRevlon's picture

Trey Songz is a Icon. I'm disappointed his handlers would pick these terrible fashions. Those jeans look gay, and his handlers should be penalized for this. Again, Trey Songz is a Icon show some respect.
TiaraRenee Neverson's picture

while it did take me a while to warm up to some of his chosen outfits, I can't stunt, he does look absolutely amazing
TiaraRenee Neverson's picture

yes i went to the store and bought this 6 dollar 200 pg mag, just b/c Trey is on EIGHT of those pages. Great investment though......anything for him
Shimmer_Lis's picture

Tashyka's picture

i like it, you gotta do what you gotta do im with you 100%
CutTiGurl609's picture

This is how men used to dress back in the day and I think thats the kinda vintage look they were going for with a bit of a present day fashion touch up. I like it! Didn't think I would see Trey wearing those type of fitted pants but that just shows how unpredictable and versatile he can be. I don't buy magazines but I def will be purchasing this issue. Good job Trey with all of your success :)
Cindy Star's picture

I thought it was just me....but now I see the other Angels are feeling the same way. But regardless....Your still sexy as HELL!
Kikamiko's picture

Ok, I love Trey to death but truely hate the stylist that put those damn tight ass purple jeans on him.....smdh....this picture makes me LMAO, and my 4 year old daughter asking me why Trey has on girl jeans just makes it worst.lls But I'm still gonna go buy the magazine regardless.:)
LASHE10's picture

Sorry Trey, not a big fan on the fashion they chose for u. I have seen way too many pictures where you were fly as hell. I can do better than that. SMH People get paid for coordinating this mess.
Linz84's picture

MsDynastyAngel_2's picture

why Trey? lol but im still gettin a magazine!!
ninafn7's picture

What the hell do you have on!!!!!!! You are much to fly to be wearring that
luvdamelodi's picture

Not a fan of these purple pants... GQ stylist had to have a personal vendetta against Trey or something. Lmao... but even though I'm most def not a fan of these tight ass pants that are giving me a yeast infection just looking at them... I saw some pics from the mag and definitely plan on getting it.
TriumphantAngelPB's picture

Man, forget about the purple pants! Fact of the matter is that HE'S IN GQ! I will definitely buy it. :)
TreysNewestAngel1's picture

Regardless of what he has on in this particular picture, I guarantee you that some young man or men will go out and buy this style because TREY SONGZ is wearing it. Some things that some of us may not approve of are the exact things that make the artist money and even bigger in the industry.



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