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I need some more Angels on twitter


  • I need some more Angels on twitter
    February 15, 2011

    Hey Angels!!! I need to add some more angels on my timeline so hit me up with your twitter names.  Mines is @xxMzPeachezxx.  Thanks ;-)!!!

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on Feb 15, 2011 - 10:38PM

Hey Angels!!! I need to add some more angels on my timeline so hit me up with your twitter names.  Mines is @xxMzPeachezxx.  Thanks ;-)!!!

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HI @ecj1010

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@SabrinaYuuup_x :) #angellove xxxx

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princess_iva TenacityAngel's picture

follow me , I follow back :)


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How y'all feelin today? I hope all is well so I'm new to being an Angel :) . Sending positive energy to you all. So hope on team Johvonna :) oh here's my twitter. @spitingame and I have a YouTube

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@Shanell82 i follow back :)

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@emerald__jade (2underscores)

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@Niinnaarr xx

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@prittbrowniiz - Follow me too and I'll follow back ladies!

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