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Trey's Next Video starring one of his Angel's!!


  • Trey's Next Video starring one of his Angel's!!
    September 30, 2010

    I think Trey should have one of his Angel's in the next video.

    Which song would you choose from Passion Pain and Pleasure album and why would you like to be in the video?


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on Sep 30, 2010 - 09:42PM

I think Trey should have one of his Angel's in the next video.

Which song would you choose from Passion Pain and Pleasure album and why would you like to be in the video?


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Okay this has nothing to do with this post lol BUT i am a dedicated Angel the needs the help and support of her fellow rm NYCAngels!! I'm a finalist in an amazing plus size modeling competition and i need votes!! I would really appreciate it if you ladies could help me out my twitter is @Cneislove and the link is below Vote for Cne!!!!! Thank you soooo much in advance yall stay blessed!

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i would love to be in any one of his videos it doesn't matter which one it is as long as im with Trey

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i love the song made to be together that would be the one for me

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Oooo it would be just amazing if Trey had one of his Angels in his next video!

The song that I think it should be is Made to be Together because it's my fave song from the album! (Time for a new PPP, starting to scratch from listening to it so much.) He sings this somg soooo well, love it, love it, love it. I'd like to be in the video because then I'd have the chance to actually be touched by him. :)

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I would like to see him do a video for "Made to Be Together." For two reasons. One, I love the way he sings this song. I want to see him perform this so me second reason would be that I would love to be the woman in the video that he realizes he was made to be with. Even if it's not real, I'll take it for that moment! :) Love you Trey!

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@Jesusmysavior ..Blind would be a really good

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I was just thinking about this yesterday! I would love to star in one of his videos. Good Post. :)

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he should do blind its different a little house music even i think his concept should be three different version of himself doing 9-5 jobs and in each pick a girl that the opposite of each of the men falls in luv . lawyer pick a round the way dance teacher. dr pick a stripper lol and fire fighter pick a single working mom that b cool something he never done before i think he would kill each part and still look hot doing it. that just what i think everyone expect his to do club music and video.

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I would actually love to see a video for Blind.

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I would love to be in Doorbell leading into the PASSION interlude. That would be hot!
Also love faces

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I love Please Return my call to I just feel all of Treys music so deeply like I feel it so deep

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I would love to be in Made To Be Together because I just love that song so much I really feel it when he sings it How he feels his Pain and how much he really wants to be with her I love that song

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i would love to b in love faces, doorbell, massage, or made to be together...i cant stop listening to these songs lol im officially addicted!!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

"Unusual" all day & all night!!! I need Trey to heat it up, beat it up. Plus, I'm tryna to check off that, cinema, on the hood of the car, counter top, balcony, on the jet, on the beach. You will see nothing but ASS the whole video! Let me take my hot ass somewhere and take a nap. I'm going to need Trey to give me a breathier here. I can't dream about him ANDDDDD fantasize about him all day. He taking up TOOOO much of my damn time.

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Alone..cuz it can be a club scene's picture

I am not an official Trey's Angel. Still waiting to be accepted, however I am an ANGEL non the less! I will continue to support you in any way that I can. If i could have anything, I put it on everything, that it would be you you you you, I just want you you you. My favorite is Doorbell because it is so passionate in an animalistic sort of way but the video I would like to do is Massage. I pick this song because everytime I hear it, it makes me feel like I am driving on the California coast by the water with my hair blowing in the wind, on my way to you as the music and the lyrics sing to my heart. The doorbell video would be hot too! I can picture you in the middle of the desert at sunset wind blowing your blazer back, and you are singing into an old school microphone, then on each side of that picture f you singing in the desert, there is picture in picture of you in a black and white setting. You are in a bedrom with a woman seducing her on the bed with fire glowing behind you and her. That's hott!

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I Love ,Love Faces,Alone ,and Unusual I would love to be in eitherone of thoe vids with Trey because i feel i have the right energy and personality to make his vision come to life

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hELL i LOVE UNFORTUNATE too that song has some meaning when you think the grass is greener on the other side ID be bold and be in this video too.. OR uNUSUAL with him and drake

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Mine would be Massage because I work hard and when I come home I can use a rub down.#IMJUSTSAYING I already have some ideas in mind for this song I am a good director... lol It would be nice if he used redlipstick video with some of his angels from different cities that would be cool

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Yes sweetie, I am an angel...
Favorite song on album is 'Please Return My Call'
Would love to be in that video!!

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I would wanna be in Doorbell or Love me better =)