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    We Want to Hear from You!
    May 25, 2010

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Trey Songz merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

    ATTN ANGELS: If you have questions about your Trey's Angels membership, welcome package or fan club events/ticketing you should reach out to Be sure to include the name and email associated with your membership. UPDATE: Trey's Angels Fan Club is currently closed to new membership but you can still stay connected to Trey and fellow Angels by joining Trey's new social network, The Angel Network - Sign Up HERE.

    Thanks! Webcrew

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on May 25, 2010 - 12:04PM
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In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Trey Songz merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

ATTN ANGELS: If you have questions about your Trey's Angels membership, welcome package or fan club events/ticketing you should reach out to Be sure to include the name and email associated with your membership. UPDATE: Trey's Angels Fan Club is currently closed to new membership but you can still stay connected to Trey and fellow Angels by joining Trey's new social network, The Angel Network - Sign Up HERE.

Thanks! Webcrew

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I just tried to order the Trey Songz Charm bracelet collection with all the charms including the Trey's Angel charm however you can't send to Guam. Please change that. Guam is a U.S. Territory.

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I have a question about platinum tickets; why are they only sold in pairs? i would love to purchase one for myself as i plan to attend the concert in New Orleans on 3/9/12. I have been patiently waiting for tickets on the floor to become available. Thanking you in advance, Tonya(Huge Trey Fan!!!!!)

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I just saw the interview that Trey did when the interviewer tried to diss Chris Brown with the pick up line joke. I would like to say, Trey is a good person as well as friend for stopping the interview in its tracks. The joke was tacky and Trey showed that he really didn't appreciate the attempt to get him to crack on Chris. This is why your fans love you Trey. Be Blessed.

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Hi ladiva69,

To upload your Facebook photo to the site, first save your photo as a file onto your computer. Then, you may click on the PHOTOS tab in the navigation bar at the top of the site and then click POST A PIC>> (or click here: Then, click "Choose a file" to select the file that you have saved on your computer that you would like to upload to the site. Select a category and title and then hit SAVE>> and you're set! It may take a few minutes to show up on the site.

Thanks for being a Trey fan! WebCrew

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I want to say I am so proud of you guys upgrading for merchandise shipments. First time in history, I ordered something and did not forget about it since it came within a week. Normally when I get something off the site I forget about it because it takes so long to get it. The shipping is higher but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Kudos to marketing!!! Put more new items also please why isn't their an Anticipation 2our shirt for purchase. As I have stated before, "Trey Songz" should be a brand if Toya, T.I. Harris and Superhead can have a book why not Tremaine. (market all possibilities) If you are looking for someone to market you hear in Baton Rouge, LA (Winning Communications P O Box 73551 BR LA 70874).

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Triggas Hommmeee!! Luv You Trey!!

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this web site all i can say love it,love it. all trey's fans can see what's going on with him and keep up with his music and question how do i take my face book pic and put it on this page please email me to let me know how to do this thanks trey's team. that's my email.

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PLEASE let me know if the Trey Songz concert in Dallas is available to purchase???! Or any of his concerts

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Happy Valentine's Day Tremaine! But I'm mad because it won't let me sign in to my Trey's Angel's account and I'm trying to join the contest!!! HELPPPPP!!!!!!! iloveyou :)

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happy love day triggadaddy i hope u have a great love day and beleive me i think about u everyday cause i love beautiful men.

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Has anyone ever managed to meet Mr. songz without VIP passes. Like you got lucky after a concert or at a club etc.? Even if I had the money, knowing me, I would end up giving it to a shelter or the homeless guy i pass on my way home from work :- ) , but meeting him is def on my top ten list, he is truly amazing.

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So the count down begins, to your performance in oakland. I am so excited, I have a feeling its gonna be a magical, amazing night. I feel really blessed to be able to see you sing live. When I told my friend I was going to see you perform, she looked really sad, and said I wish I could too, I know exactly how she felt, I've wanted to see you for years, but my little girl comes first, we are both young single moms and work really hard and go to school, so I used the money I saved, and purchased two balcony seats instead of the ones I intended to purchase. It felt really good to see her about to cry when I told her, it was soooo worth it, every girl should get to see you perform live, your our dream man, lol , so now we are counting down the days, and honestly I'm more excited now than I was with better seats!

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what is going on with the Angel Ambassador contest??? winners were supposed to be announced a long time ago. I know Angels who worked very hard on this contest and were counting on these tickets to attend shows. I thinks it's very rude and not good business to ask people to do all this hard work and not make good on your part. Shows have passed and all the hard work Angels put in to recruiting people to YOUR fan club has gone to waste?? Please explain how we in good conscience can recruit people to this fam club if things like this is what their in for? The communication through this fan club has GOT to get BETTER! Or else numbers will continue to fall and there will be no fan club at all. And Trey doesn't deserve that.

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I have asked this question once before and I see other people asking the same question.

I would like an answer please!!!????

I would like to meet Trey. Where I live there are no chances of wining a chance to meet Trey. However, I would be willing to buy the VIP ticket to the meet and great. If I can buy a single ticket. I see some people saying they were able to buy a SINGLE ticket. Can someone PLEASE tell me why the tickets or sold in pairs? AND WHY IS IT THAT THE TICKETS CAN BE OBTAINED VIA IPHONE AND IPAD AS SINGLES? I am a single mother and I can't take the chance of buying two tickets and selling the 2nd.

Thank you in advance for an answer!

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how do you get Trey to follow you on twitter!! Please whats the secret LOL

plumplips77078's picture

How can i get trey to follow me on twitter

my twitter name is LMS77078 ADD ME PLZ

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I bought my VIP ticket for the valentines day show through my phone (iPhone) I also know another angel who called & another angel who bought her ticket through her IPad & it allowed us to purchase one ticket Hope This Was Helpful With The Pair of Ticket Issues #EnergeticAngel

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@charlene +luvle2beeme – Thanks for reaching out to us through the feedback tab! We passed your comments along and you will be receiving a message from the Trey Angel’s fan club by the end of the week.

@amy Tshibangu- We use Cybersource to protect the payments. They are safe, secure, and very trustworthy partners. If you ever have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks!

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ms.yuup also asked this ....can we please get some feed back about single vip tickets im in detroit and would love to see Trey again i always get great concert seats but i would love to do the vip meet and great this year in Detroit... last year was a very hard year for me....very hard year dealing with my health , my family ,my child and letting people go that i cared about ....but could not let keep me down ....its a new year new me i feel very blessed to be alive and to have a great support team being God, my daughter my family and friends and my church family ...i have did a lot of good in my life .....and i"m so happy to be apart of Trey's life and do good things with all of my angel sisters all around the world we are a team......I know I'm going on and on just wanted to put a little of me out there . but as i asked can you please give us more input as for meet an greats ...and single vip tickets because we all cant buy two tickets for his events and he cant meet us all but it would be great to if we can ..get a chance to see him ....thank you and i hope you will help to make this happen for us .

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hello I'm a Trey Angel .........and will be for life ..what i would like to no is how come we as angels ..or supporters of Trey have to buy two vip tickets for his events i can buy one ticket for my self but I'm a single mom with a good job an i can do special things for my self time to time but 1300 i cant do ...i have asked some ladies from my area if they wanted to go half an half but there is really no one that has money to do that in days time 's are hard for some ..can you please do something to make it where we can by one vip ticket ..

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hi i just recently joined the TreysAngels Fan club and i was just wandering who or which companies are our credit cards being protected by

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Hi Leah,

Sorry to hear about your welcome package! Please contact with all fan club inquiries, as they are able to best assist you in resolving these issues. Include the name and email you used to register for the fan club and an invoice number if you received one.

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(continued response to post 11/12/11 by MRS WEST)
knowledge that there is better out there for them through education, hard work, drive, and determination; and helping them find the tools that they need to be successful and thriving young adults in this society that we are now living in.

IF you look forward to sharing discussion, forming life long friendships, networking, and as some have: form business opps for yourself with fellow fans sharing the same interests as you, then by all means become an Angel.

As an Angel you get a welcome package with a pre-printed and signed letter from Tremaine, an Angels tee shirt, an Angels Dog tag. You will also enjoy the benefit of having early access to tour pre-sale and VIP tickets, get dibs on new music first, enjoy the benefit of an occasional live Ustream with the artist, hear artist news first, and have access to Angel merchandise...

Tied together all these items bundled up would cost way more than the $30 to join and become an Angel. Yet these material things that eventually will tarnish, shrink, be archived and become old news compare nothing to the sisterhood / family that we have formed and become.

They weigh nothing compared to the feeling you will get from helping others who are less fortunate, and in the knowing that YOU have touched and changed a life. all of this and repping, going hard for him, buying the music, experiencing extremely moving shows, and standing for an artist who didn't wait for that big break but went out and grasped that dream himself, who is extremely humble, who promotes family orientation first, who supports higher education,who has worked tirelessly at his craft and giving us the best of him at all times personally and through his music and has not had an easy road, who clearly stands and gives so much of himself for his fans on top of all that I mentioned IS THE PERK or at least it is for me
Hope to see you with wings soon!!!
nalston a.k.a Songstress Angel
@TreysFolgersYup's picture

(In response to post 11/12/2011 by MRS WEST)

I know that this is a thread from Atlantic wanting the fan feedback on how they can improve on things like service, this site, memberships, the music etc... I hope that you do not mind, but I felt compelled to respond regarding your wavering decision to become a Trey's Angel.

There are allot of fans who make the choice to become a Trey's Angel solely because they think that the title "Angel" entitles them to something tangible, a perk, or even because they assumed it would get them closer to Tremaine. Then there are fans who made the decision to become an Angel because they want to stand with others like them who share a common bond in the desire to support this man, his music, his brand, his dream for the betterment of our people through what was at the time his "Songz 4 Peace" campaign.

I have been a "supporter" of Tremaine for a while now however I will not venture to say that I always was. There was a time when I was not impressed with him at all. That my dear was MY own ignorance. My not taking out the time to learn the truth about this man and what makes him so different that the average artist.

I NEVER became an Angel expecting to get anything out of it. The $30 membership fee that I paid does not compare to what I have gained since making the choice to join the Angel family back in November of 2010. As a fan you can go hard for him, buy his music, attend his shows, purchase meet and greets just like us Angels do and never pay the $30 dollar membership fee, and furthermore just because a member has paid $30 to gain the title "Angel" does not make them any different or better than one who is not.

My personal feeling is this...IF you are looking to join a social networking arena that allows you to meet and physically, mentally, and spiritually bond with each other, IF you have a passion for service and going out to help better our communities and strengthen our youth by empowering them with the (next post)

Leah_13's picture

ok i just made a discussion about this and maybe replying to this will help... I joined trey's angels in November 2011 and haven't gotten my welcome pack... just wondering what's going on...

IAMPURPLE247's picture

Trey why are you not coming 2 philly ?????

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

Back for PPP, Trey had a contest for 3 lucky ladies to get flown out to a concert he had in Cali, meet with him, and get VIP treatment for the show.

Can we do that again? Trey isn't hitting up the NW and I don't have the funds to travel... as well as other Angels! A contest for a flight out to Trey would be awesome!'s picture

I have a question that I hope I will get an answer to. Why are the VIP tickets to Trey shows have to be bought in pairs? Not all people have someone to go in and buy the tickets in pairs. And the prices are to high to take the chance of being ripped off. In the feature could you all consider sealing the tickets in singes. Everyone don't live where they can win chances to meet Trey. Me being one of them. However I would not mind buying VIP tickets to one of his shows if the tickets were sold in singles.Thanks in advance for an answer.

A loyal Trey Fan

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@Mellie Bee: To purchase at the store, you will need to use your original password that you signed up with for your Trey's Angels account. Enjoy the Off The Shoulder Dolman!