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i like treys music i would like to know when is he going to do a concert in dublin ireland.
i am 25 years old. i live in ireland. i am attending a course in ireland for year and a half.
in 2004 i did my junior certificate and in 32006 i did my leaving certificate applied i was going to apply for a course to help me get a job but i did get stomach infection and irritable bowel syndrome for 5 and half years. i am okay.

On: Aug 27, 2013

when is trey songz doing a concert in ireland.
you can email MARIEWARD1988@YAHOO.COM.
i am 25 years old and live in ireland.

On: Aug 27, 2013

Yes I would love to have the opportunity to work with Mr. TreySongz it would be a great experience. It would be a great dill of change in my life but ill adjust! Meet new people learn new work ethics and at the same time give my employer the greatest employee cause at the end of the day there is a job to be done and I would be a great candidate for the job I'm good at everything I do......

On: Aug 24, 2013

I hope somebody tells Bruce fast about this new P.I. soon. I hope Bruce does not do anything hasty. Shanell needs to take some responsibility here for her Dad's actions and forgive him. And Bruce needs to not fault Trey for telling Shanell. Right now they all need to stick together. Is Malcolm Mitchell Aunt Lynn's estranged husband?

On: Aug 22, 2013

ooh snap I'm glad trey told her, I just hope her dad tell her the truth bout everything.. I love the story gets juicy,lol

On: Aug 21, 2013

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