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Once I was dressed I had Marcus take me to go see El’s mother. I know I was supposed to be letting Dre handle this, but I needed to see her myself too. It had been so long since I’d been to their house I almost forgot how to get there. I wasn’t even sure if she still lived in the same spot, but this was the last address that I knew so this is where I stopped. Marcus had no idea this is where I had him bring me. I told him it was an old friend’s house.
“You sure ya friend lives here?” he asked.
“Well I’m about to find out.” I hopped out of the car and told Marcus to wait while I went up to the door and knocked. Ms. Francine answered. Bingo! I thought.
“What the hell are you doing here?” She unkindly asks.
“Ms. Francine, I think we need to talk.”
“You damn right we do. As much as I despise your ass right now, get in here!” She says briskly. She pushes me inside of her house. Marcus saw this because he was leaning on the car while I went up to the door. He came rushing up to the porch. Ms. Francine looks at him. “Who are you?” I’m standing near her front door now on the inside.
“He’s with me Ms. Francine. Marcus I’ll be fine. Can you wait for me in the car?”
“Hell no! You’re not going in her house alone, not after what I just saw. Who is she anyway?”
“I’m Arvell’s mother.” Marcus looks at me cross.
“No, not this time. Let’s go Shanell.”
“No! I need to talk to her. It’ll only take minute.”
“Trey’s not gonna like this Shanell,” he warned. Ms. Francine was irritated.
“Look, you two are not gonna stand here and have my door open. Look you!” She loudly shouts to Marcus. “I have some things that I need to know from her. You’re welcome to come in with her, but dammit if you two don’t shut my door.” For some reason I wasn’t ready for Marcus to know anything yet.
“Marcus please! This is a private matter. Can you just wait for me in the car?” Marcus opens Ms. Francine’s screen door even wider and comes in her house.
“I’m not leaving you alone.” I wished now I would’ve come alone somehow. “Go ahead and talk,” he says.

On: Jun 19, 2013

“Come on chile, walk with me in the den,” says Ms. Francine. She crossly looks at Marcus. “This is my house, you wait right here.” She told him.
“I can respect that this is your house, but if you lay as much as a finger on her again you will answer to me. I won’t care whose house we in.”
“What? Excuse me?” She says eyeing him. “How do you think you’re gonna come up in my home and make threats to me? I’ll have your goon ass locked up so fast your head will be spinning. Matter of fact, I don’t even want you in my house no more.” She swats her hand. “Get out!”
“If I leave, she leaves,” he says. I jump in.
“Ms. Francine, maybe I should do this some other time. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”
“No child! I want to know what you did with my…” I panicked and cut her off.
“Ms. Francine! We’ll talk, but please, this matter needs to be handled privately.”
“Fine! He stays.” She says, rolling her eyes at him.
“Shanell that’s it! We out of here! I can’t let you be here with her. You wanna come back, do it with Trey. Come on, or I’m calling him.” Ms. Francine didn’t like that one bit.
“Un ahn! I don’t know when I’m gonna see this girl again and anyway who do you think you are telling her what she has to do? She’s gonna tell me where my grandbaby is and what happened to my son today!” She snaps, while pulling on my arm so I wouldn’t leave. Marcus reacted and grabbed Ms. Francine by her neck. Immediately she lets me go because she couldn’t breathe. Her hands try to remove his hold, but he was too strong. Marcus yells.
“Shanell go get in the car!” I left out of there real quick. Shortly after, Marcus came out rushing to get in the car. He started it up and hurriedly pulled off. I was looking at Ms. Francine’s door to see if she was going to come out of it yelling and screaming at us, but she didn’t.
“What did you do to her,” I asked dramatically.
“She’ll be alright. She’s just been put on pause for a minute.” I ran my fingers through my hair with frustration. I couldn’t stop shaking my head at myself. I sat there thinking why did I even go over there. Marcus interrupts my thoughts.

On: Jun 19, 2013

Hey yes i am on tan, my name is msbrittany_tsongz

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On: Jun 13, 2013

My Uncle is a straight G that is all

On: Jun 12, 2013

WOW OMG IS ALL I CAN SAY! Ready for the next post plz!!!!!

On: Jun 11, 2013

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