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"Look I promise to do everything in my power to get him back home to you. Go home and try to get some sleep. By the time you wake up Trey should be there.”


I didn’t get hardly any sleep at all. When Trey finally walked in the bedroom it was after 7:00 am. I immediately jumped up and came over to him. I held him tightly and instantly started crying again. Treys pulls me back and looks at me.
“Aye…what’s the tears for…”
“I was so worried. I didn’t know what was going to happen Trey.” He pulls me back close and holds my head into his chest.
“I know, but I’m okay, so stop worrying a’ight? We gone get through this.” I look up at him.
“Trey I’m really scared. What if they try to send you to jail for this? I can’t…”
“Shhh…what did I say?”
“No buts this wasn‘t your fault or mine. He deserved to be dealt with baby and that‘s what happened.”
“Why did he even have to be there? Now he‘s trying to ruin our life even when he‘s dead.” Trey pulled me into the bathroom since I couldn‘t keep my tone down and was very upset. Trejay and Treyonna was sleeping since Evan had brought them here late last night. I just couldn’t contain myself. He had me sit down on the toilet seat and face him while he knelt down in front of me.
“Look baby I know this dude has made you go through some bad shit, but I’ll be damned if this mofucker have either one of us pay for what needed to be done a long time ago.”
“Trey what if I can’t do this? They‘re not going to leave us alone until they can get a conviction. What if I‘m not strong enough too…”
“Nah…I don’t even wanna hear you talking like this. You are strong. Fuck them police! Let ‘em question us. We ain’t telling them nothing except for what happened. You can do this baby.” He pushes my chin up since my head went back down. “You trust me?”
“Then pick ya chin up and believe that it’s all gone work out how it’s supposed to.” He kisses me.
“Trey what do you think happened to the gun? Why is it missing? Do you know?”

On: Feb 21, 2013

Just accepted your Twitter request

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On: Feb 21, 2013

Same name on Twitter momma & I'll do the same.

Replied To: The Angel Network (Forum topic)
On: Feb 21, 2013

Make sure to check your email for the information

On: Feb 21, 2013


On: Feb 21, 2013

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