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its not just the video but the song have a very strong meaning to it, love you Trey

On: Jul 17, 2013

i love me some trey but im not loving all that hair over that beautiful face

Replied To: The Angel Network Ustream! (Blog)
On: Jul 16, 2013

Trey is finally coming around. Shanell needs to worry a lil. Next time she will know better. What I am worried about now is that loose canon, El's momma. She could lead the investigation in a new direction. I don't want Trey or Bruce to go to jail. If Bruce didn't do it, Trey would have done it anyway. Maybe Trey needs to clear things up with Bruce so he knows the real truth. I hope Bruce is a man of his word and he protects Trey if they go after him.

On: Jul 15, 2013

First thx 4 da xtra post sis, luv it ;-) well,well, well Mr. Bruce trying 2 get my ass in trouble, ugh I'm so damn mad.. hold on girl u know y'all made 2 b 2gether, just give him time & Trey u better remember u got a good girl @ home sir...

On: Jul 14, 2013

OMG my heart is breaking for her and Trey! I just hope Trey don't do something stupid. Yes thank you for the extra posts, can't wait till the next one!!!

On: Jul 11, 2013

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