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“But Shanell just told me El’s mother recently found out, which is after he was killed, so why wouldn’t she had already known before now if El knew?”
“We don’t know if El really knew, or if he contacted his mother for her to know. It’s just speculation. My sister believes once he was killed her ex sent that paperwork to his family, so his mother probably didn’t know anything about this before then. She probably would’ve been wanting answers before now if that was the case along with her son.”
“Makes sense, but you don’t believe he was there because of that.” Trey says.
“No, I don’t believe it. He’s been on the run. My only other guess is he was there because somehow he knew you and Shanell were gonna be there. Honestly, we could come up with tons of theories, but the truth is something we may never know. I don’t know what he knew, but I was gonna be prepared if he showed up.”
“Where does this leave Hailey?
“There were some things about the adoption that didn’t make it fully legal. Her husband knew that. My brother-in-law right now, will do anything to destroy my sister. Having Hailey taken away from her would do that.”
“But she’s his daughter now too. How could he just turn his back on her like that?”
“Who said he turned out to be a good father? I think a part of him still resents my sister because they couldn’t have their own child. After some time had went by I started regretting my decision. Not because of my sister, she’s a damn good mother, but because the only father that Hailey knows turned out to be an asshole. I never saw that coming.”
“Is he Caucasian too?”
“No, he’s African American. Hailey has no idea that she’s adopted if that’s what you’re wondering. She’s a happy, healthy, beautiful seven year old who doesn’t see race when she looks at her parents. All she’s ever known is Linda as her mother and that jackass as her father.”
“So there’s still a chance now that she could lose her?”
“Not now with El being dead. He can’t contest it.”
“What about his mom?”
“She has no proof of anything except for the child was adopted. She can’t prove that El knew nothing about it and didn’t consent to it. It would be her word against Shanell’s if she tries to pursue anything.”
“What about ya sisters husband? If he knows it wasn’t legal couldn’t he cause a problem?”
“He doesn’t know all the details of the adoption. He just knew it wasn’t full proof. What made it illegal was only between me, and Shanell. He wouldn’t know the first thing to dispute to make a case to a judge. Everything on those papers look authentic.”
“Except the fact that El’s signature and everywhere he was supposed to sign wasn’t authentic, right?”
“Well, right.”
“Who forged his signature, Shanell or you?”
“Shanell did it.” Trey took his hand and started smoothing his eyebrows. He was so disturbed right now. “Son, it really was the right thing for her to do. El was poisonous in her life, caused nothing but trouble to her. If he knew she was pregnant, no telling the kind of hell he would’ve tried to put her through.”

On: Jun 06, 2013

“Son, you’re a father now and I’m sure you would do anything for your children to protect them.”
“I would pops, you right. I would do anything to protect my family. At first my main reason to come here was to give you the latest with the case, but now in light of some new information, I just wanna know how’d you know he was going to be there?” My dad thinks for a minute. He has this perplex look on his face. Then he responds.
“I didn’t know for certain, but I won’t let you take the fall for any of this. I promise you that.”
“I think you owe me the truth. You knew she had a baby already by him, so if that wasn’t enough to make you wanna kill him before, what made you shoot to kill this time?”
“Look son, there’s so much more at stake now. I had to do it. I did it for you too.”
“Nah, you didn’t do this for me. Why’d you really do it?”
“…I received a call and found out that it was a chance that Shanell’s secret about the adoption was about to come out.”
“Received a call from who?”
“My sister, Linda.”
“Where is she, and what she got to do with this?”
“She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently her and her husband are going through a bitter divorce. He knows Hailey means the world to my sister and…”
“Who’s Hailey?” My dad got quiet for a minute.
“Hailey is Shanell’s daughter. My sister adopted her.” Trey had to sit down for a minute. All this news was just too much for one day.
“Hold up, Shanell’s daughter is living in Phoenix right now being raised by her aunt?”
“Son when Shanell got pregnant all those years ago, as bad as she didn’t want a child in her life, I knew I couldn’t have a grandchild of mine being raised by some strangers; even if I didn’t like the father. She didn’t care who the child went to, she just wanted daddy to take care of it, so that’s what I did. I knew my sister had been struggling to have a family, so we still went through the proper channels and she officially adopted her. She didn’t want to just take care of her for me, because she was afraid that something might happen one day and the baby would be taken away from her. Then she wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on.”
“So since ya sister has her, you mean to tell me she’s never seen her with her daughter before or wondered about her suddenly having a child?”
“No, my sister hardly ever comes here or is around the family much. Shanell knows nothing about her struggle to have her own child. She just knows Linda has a child, but no clue it’s her own that she’s raising.”
“That still doesn’t explain how El found out.”
“His mother seems to believe that he knew and that’s why he was there that night, but we don’t know if El knew or not. It’s many reasons why he could’ve been there.”
“He was there after Shanell. He said he was gonna kill her. Maybe he did know.”
“All I know is my sister believes her husband whose she’s divorcing got a hold of the paperwork for the adoption and sent it somehow to El’s family. The timeframe is what’s sketchy.”

On: Jun 06, 2013

Can't wait till the next post, I want to hear what Trey have to say her father. My heart is breaking for Shanell and Trey.

On: Jun 06, 2013

Can't wait Ok Trey go head boy lol Plus yur sexy body is going to be out to thank you lord lol

On: Jun 03, 2013

Congrats!!! Trey Songz on your nominations yes I will be voting can't wait to see you there!!!

On: Jun 02, 2013

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