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when she gonna tell where this damn mysterious cousin of mines is

On: Mar 29, 2013

I want some answers about this child!!! I don't care about Autumns crazy behind!!!

On: Mar 28, 2013

“Okay, I don’t know what went on in there since you’re not really telling me anything but Trey you know this visit is important to me babe. Why are you saying I can’t make it now?”
“Shanell do you understand that the person in there wanted you dead? I don’t think you fully get that yet. You think anything you have to say to her is gonna make a difference? You’re just waisting ya time. Like I just did.”
“Well it’s my time.”
“Nah! It’s not only ya time. It ain’t about only you anymore. The time you spend looking to get something from her that’s not there, is time I gotta spend dealing with ya feelings about it when the outcome is not what you expected. We’re not wasting no more time on unnecessary bullshit.” All I knew was that visit with her must’ve went really badly. I sat there and said no more. Trey was obviously upset and it was pointless for me to go back and forth with him. On our way home Trey’s cell phone was ringing. He told me it was our attorney and put him on speaker in the car. He said he needed us to come to his office. It was very important. I was not in the mood to have to fly back to Atlanta. Trey told him we’d be there as soon as we got a flight out. I was disgusted.
“Is this what’s it’s gonna be Trey? Us going back and forth between Atlanta and LA?”
“Maybe this won’t be an ongoing thing.”
“I wonder what information he has that he couldn’t tell us over the phone.” Once we got in the house I called Dre. I needed to know if they had any new developments. I got his machine so I left him a message to call me. I informed Mrs. Vanessa that we needed to leave again but hopefully it was only for a day or two tops. I got on the phone and made some calls getting me and Trey a flight while he was in the office handling Trey Songz business. I hated going to Atlanta, but I guess it was time to really face my past.

On: Mar 28, 2013

There still were some things that I didn’t know, but he knew Autumn couldn’t have known what they were to expose him. But it did make him wonder why she said that.
“You’re right. I guess there is nothing I can do to stop you from loving her. Oh wait! Didn’t she just kill her ex? That could very well put a damper on your wedding though…she gets cheeky…I would rethink those wedding plans. You may be making visits up here instead. Or was it you who did it?” It took everything in Trey not to come across that table and strangle her, but he wasn’t trying to add to his own situation. He also knew it wouldn’t have done any good. It was finally time for the visit to be over. Trey got up to leave the table when Autumn called him.
“Trey!” He looked at her without answering. “I’m not going to leak the tape. I’ll tell my sister to give you everything.” He still didn’t say anything and continued walking out. Trey didn’t know if he should believe her or what, but one thing for sure was he wasn’t getting his hopes up. Whatever happened still remained to be seen. When I saw him and Buggzi come out I jumped out the car. He wasn’t even paying attention at first and then he spotted me along with Evan. His look was like he wasn’t sure if I was who he was seeing at first until I got closer.
“Whatchu doing here?”
“Trey please don’t be mad with me I just wanted to be here for you when you were done. How’d it go?”
“I changed my mind. I don’t want you seeing her. I don’t even wanna come back up here.”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nothing!” Trey started walking to the car. I walked with him trying to talk to him.
“I take it she’s not letting you know where the DVD is.”
“She said she’s gonna give it to me.”
“Really Trey? Then what’s wrong?”
“I just don’t want us coming back up here a’ight?”
“But why? What did she say to you?” Trey opens the door for me so I can get in his car. “Babe what’s got you so upset?”
“Baby just promise me you’ll stay as far away from her as you can.”

On: Mar 28, 2013

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