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I missed Trey. I wished so badly that he would understand about the adoption already, so we could get on with our lives. The case with El alone is more than enough to be concerned with and I just pray to God that it will be a closed case soon. The more I sat there and thought about it, memories of that night flashed back. I remembered my dad was in the room before my uncle came in. I remember his face, the way he looked at Trey before he told Trey to get me out of there. It was like they had this unspoken communication before Trey and I left out of the barn. Why did they look at each other that way? Come to think of it, why was my dad standing opposite everyone else like he came in from a different way? Marcus invades my thought process by letting me know he sees Aleen waiting up ahead outside of the airport terminal. I suddenly see her now that I’m focused and not in my head. Marcus gets out of the car poised knowing he wants to unleash his pleasure of seeing her. They speak to one another, Marcus still self-contained; Aleen radiant, but controlled in her response. He takes her bags and put them in the trunk. The whole drive back we talked about her prospects and what she was looking for and saw online. I told her I had some news for her. Lynn had given me the name of her realtor and said he would be available to help her with her search. I told Aleen he came highly recommended and maybe she should give him a call. I noticed Marcus staring at her in the mirror checking out her expression. She thought it was a good idea instead of us blindly looking on our own even though she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to see. She figured since real-estate would be a realtor’s expertise why not. I told her I’d give her the information once we got home. While Aleen was getting settled in once we arrived at the house I went to my room and decided to call my dad. I had some questions about the night of El’s death and figured maybe he could shed some light on it. He answers immediately with concern.

On: Jul 25, 2013

Today I was picking Aleen up from the airport. She was going to be here for a while, house hunting. I told her she could gladly take over the condo. My tenants lease will be up in two months and they weren’t going to be renewing it. She thought that would be perfect for her, but she still wanted to look and see what she could find. I was glad she was going to be here. I needed a distraction while Trey was gone. Plus the twins’ birthday was just a matter of months away and I could use some input on my plans for it. I’ll discuss it with Trey once he comes back. I know he’ll want to talk about that at least. I can’t believe our babies are going to be a year old soon. Before long they’ll be walking. Time is really going by and it’s not in my favor right now. If I knew for sure that we would be walking down that aisle next year I would still move forward with our wedding plans. But I can’t seem to convince myself that will be happening. Trey barely can look at me. How can I come to him about our wedding with him feeling how he does right now? I mean I know he loves me. I damn sure love him, but will it be enough to get us through all of this, even if I do stay strong? I know I shouldn’t be thinking about all of this especially with a murder case hanging over us, but I need something positive to focus on. I figure since our wedding likely is at a standstill the birthdays is the next best thing to start on. Traffic was horrible going to LAX airport. It was inching along. I was in the car with Marcus. Of course he was going to be the one to bring me.
“So how long she gone be staying here?” he asks. I answer nonchalantly while I’m deep in thought looking out the window.
“A few weeks. She’ll be house hunting.” Then I look at Marcus. His face was a mixture of surprise combined with a beaming glow on it. “You did know she was moving here right?”
“Actually I didn’t.” I was surprised she didn’t tell him. I wondered now, should I not had said anything. Maybe she had a reason why she didn’t mention it to him. I went back to looking out the window.

On: Jul 25, 2013

I can't believe bruce right now. y is he trying 2 make it seem as if trey and kelli had sumthin going on when we know they didn't. smh. but what's going on with shanell's mom??? she's all mad, leaving her husband, not talking 2 her daughter. she better get it 2gethher since shanell needs her right now. at least she has ms april and ms Vanessa. I hope trey comes around soon though bc he knows that he misses his boo

On: Jul 22, 2013

still waiting 4 the next part missy. hoping ur having writers block and ur ok

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Jul 22, 2013

Trey is looking real sexy in this video

On: Jul 22, 2013

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