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Entry 74 cont'd
I could barely move. It was as if I was seeing Trey for the first time again. And it seemed as if he was feeling the same way.
"Who's that, Mumma?" Trey asked as he looked at me.
"It's me, Essence." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
Trey's mom held him closer. She looked up into his face and felt his forehead. She asked him if he was feeling alright.
"Yeah. Are you feeling alright?" He asked her with a small smile on his handsome face. A second later, he scowled.
"Ayo, homie, don't go in there." He said and walked over to where Charles was standing by the bathroom door.
"Who's in there?" Charles asked. He cautiously put his hand on the doorknob. Eric went over as back up. Trey's cousin and his best friend went over to move Trey away from the door. Trey resisted and pushed them away from him.
"My girl is in there!" Trey said.
He stood in front of the door and I called out to Charles and Eric to leave him alone. They did what I said and moved aside. I ran over to him.
"Trey, I'm your girl. Don't you know me?" I asked him. Gently, I touched his shoulder. He grinned at me. I grinned back and took a step closer to him. I was about to kiss him, but the bathroom door swung open.
Jasmine was standing there in a towel. Her face was half way covered with the towel she was drying her hair with.
"Baby, what are you doing out here?" She asked. She moved the towel and looked dead in my face.
She looked shocked as she dropped the towel in her hand, and clutched the towel that was wrapped around her.
"Trey!" She said as she moved to hide behind him. I pulled Trey from in front of her.
"What the hell is going on, Jasmine?" I demanded.
"None of your damn business. Trey is done with you. I told you that he still wants me. So, now do you believe me?" Jasmine put her hands on her hips.
Miss April pulled Trey to the side to ask him what was going on. I heard him tell her that he didn't know, but it looked to him that a fight was about to break out.

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