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He has a bangin body and is absolutely sexy, but beyond his hotness i love Trey because he's inspirational and uplifting. Although i've never met him, he seems so real and down to earth. He genuinely cares about all his fans. Trey doesn't change himself in any way to make people like him. I love listening to his music especially when i go through a rough day, it just makes me feel alot better and helps me to know i can get through anything. I will support and love Trey forever =)

On: Jan 01, 2012

Omg I need to know what the heck did she give him. I think I would beat that ass all around that room. This is so good Essence!!!!

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Dec 31, 2011

@Cutiepie28 - Aw thanks for the kind words. Definitely taken to the heart.

@Chicago Angel - Lol! Thank you also. I love all my story stalkers :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!! You next post will be in 2012! lol

On: Dec 31, 2011

oh yeah girl let me beat Trey ass too cause his ass need it for fucking with my cousin

On: Dec 31, 2011

annother cliffhanger girl u sure kno how 2 keep me in suspense and wantin more... autumn needs her ass beat n trey needs one 2... cant wait for the next post so plz post soon

On: Dec 31, 2011

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