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where is it?

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On: Dec 21, 2012


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On: Dec 19, 2012

I am just going to ask him to follow me! at the meet and greet. I am gonna have my cell phone right there and give him my twitter name! LOL!

On: Nov 26, 2012

hey I am new Trey's angel looking for fellow angels my twitter name is @a1luscious1

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On: Nov 25, 2012

For me my true Trey love came about late in the game. It was after a concert in va. I just had to know more about this beautiful human being i saw on stage. So when I got home I asked my teen daughter about Trey songz. She nearly died! She said you have had his albums for the past few years. Your favorite song cant help but wait and black roses. that guy. I felt dumb. I have been out of the music scene for so long. OLDER NEWER TREY ANGEL HERE! But I grew a new passion for his music and his philanthropy. upon further investigation into Trey the man.

On: Nov 25, 2012
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I finally me Tremaine on 12/15/12. he is everything and more! he truly is a good man. Dont have the space or the time to explain all that happened during the meet and greet but believe me when I say he was a true southern gentleman and he is funny and playful to besides caring and loving and genuinely concerned about you. I love this mans whole being. His body soul and voice! ALL OF HIM! I am an older angel. I am a single mother of 3. I work as a nutrition coach. I have been a fan of Trey since Trey's first CD. Really became a true Fan since last year when he came to Va beach and I saw him at Chris Brown's concert. He is a good down to earth kind of guy that just stole my heart.He is a true gentleman that knows how to treat a real woman. He loves all kinds of women big small old young able bodied disabled he treats them all the same. He doesn't look down on differences. He was raised to be a good southern gentleman.
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I work out doing spin class 6 days a week. Twice a day. I live in the gym. I play with my kids. Hang with my daughter and her fiancee when they aren't working.
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I was a N'SYNC fan. shh! My fav group was Guy, TLC, Wreckx n effect, boyz ii men. I am old school.
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Birthday is April 6

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