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I'm totally with you on that one girl, cause usually when you get the physical packages you receive a digital download with it for free as well as the poster.

Replied To: Pre-Order TRIGGA on iTunes! (Blog)
On: May 14, 2014

Hi i know a group of us Angels are going to the detroit show on the 7th my twitter is @Andrea1215

On: Oct 16, 2012

Andrea Gray

On: Oct 03, 2012

sounds like a good idea, if i were you id probably contact a travel agent and tell then what your intentions as far as trying to get trey aboard you probably would have to contact Atlantic records, because ive noticed with other cruises that a centered around a star or musical group the cruise is usually through the record company, but other than that i love the idea and i would be apart of angels cruise

Replied To: Angel's Cruise ()
On: Apr 12, 2012

well if you have an enhanced drivers license you can go to Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean.without a passport

Replied To: Angel Retreat ()
On: Apr 12, 2012
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