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Hi! So, Kube 93 in Seattle is hosting this event that Atlantic Records is behind. It is a Trey Songz Chapter V soundcheck party. The only way to gain access is by winning tix by being a lucky caller. My question is.... because it is linked to Atlantic, can Trey's Angels put on a contest for Angels to gain access to that special party in Seattle? Please email me at

On: Jul 31, 2012

If only you would fly out one lucky winner...

On: May 25, 2012
On: Mar 12, 2012
On: Mar 12, 2012
On: Feb 11, 2012
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Ariel @COOGIdown
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Been a loyal and dedicated rider for Trey Songz since he had them long braids; and you already know I rep TSMB! I looove Trey's baby makin' music - skip that "Say Ahh", I fxck with "In The Middle." I stay sniffing for Trey tracks, bet I have every track Trey's been on. It was curtains the first time I heard "I Gotta Make It;" I fell head over heals. I first met Trey in '07 & I've been blessed with his presence a few times since. I got love for the dude cuz he gives just as much, right back. He goes above and beyond to show love. I appreciate what he does for me! I draw portraits, check out some I've drawn for Trey down below; n hit me up if you're interested in your own personal portrait; only $40. "People gon' notice when, focusin on somethin though-provolking, so I boast instead." -TS follow me on Twitter: I'm that #SignificantAngel because I've been at Treys side since the beginning... and I'm not goin nowhere!
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