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I'm trying to figure that out myself... like What do I use the Membership card for and how to use it. Maybe we can help each other out... which concert are you going to or did you went to?

On: Nov 04, 2012

What Is The Membership card Good For?

On: Nov 04, 2012
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Yvette Vega (Bird)
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I am a well adjusted person with no emotional problems holding me back. I just want to explore the world and not fret about emotions and feelings. Others may be hurt by my lack of commitment but I don't care, that's not why I am on this planet, I am here to gain wisdom, learn and explore. I have problems finishing some projects I started if it takes too long, I want immediate results and will move on to the next project if it takes too long. This is not because of laziness, I am far from lazy but this motivation to move on is due to my hatred of boredom. Boredom is my fear and instead of facing it, I will up and leave in search of something more stimulating. I'm not an emotional person but i am easily hurt by a careless selfish action, I will be blue but turn it around pretty quickly with my naturally sunny disposition. I don't dwell on hurt because it is a waste of my energy.
Dancing, Drawing, Design and create things
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November 23, 1986